Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I'm better!

Almost 100%, I still have this silly and annoying cough that comes at the most inconvenient times (like when I am talking or trying to sleep). Abi is getting over it, she has the cough that sounds like it is trying to rid her little body of the sickness that has taken over. Connor is in the middle of it, but I think he is loving it. He likes to hear himself talk all's funny. For the most part, I have learned, kids are so amazing. Abi and Connor have behaved relatively well. Their personalities haven't been whiny or more needy than usual.

Todd has flown by without catching any of it yet, thanks in part to him NEVER being here and also to Airborne. He has his last presentation on Friday and he is free of school for a semester (sort of).

Okay, so here is the biggest frustration, yes, even more frustrating than being sick. My laptop has officially died. Totally dead. No turning on, nothing. Hence the reason I haven't blogged as much. Todd has the only access to a computer, and to be frank with you...I am afraid to use this perfect machine. It's a MacBook. I was raised by a father who taught us as children that Apple was the closest thing to perfection on this earth. I don't deserve to use this...I could really mess something up (for Todd). But my kind husband is allowing me to take that chance.

Okay, so no pictures for today. But, since I have been ill and without a computer I have found I have SO MUCH more time on my hands. After the house is cleaned and the kids are ready and fed, I usually hop on the computer and do all the emails and blogging for the day. Then it's lunch, naps and computer time again. Without computer time I have done so many crafty things. I wish I had pictures to show you.

Okay, one of the ideas for my first craft project came while reading a conference talk. It was titled "The Nourishing Power of Hymns." I love music and this particular talk rang so true to me. I new that this was going to be the message I would share with my visiting teaching sisters this month. What better way to share my love of church music by compiling some of my favorite variations of hymns onto a cd and giving it to the sisters! So I made the cutest little cd holders and I plan on printing out the message and adhering it to the back of the holder.

Another crafty thing was the Mother's Day Cards and Lei's that I made for the moms. I had made a scrapbook digitally for my mom using the pictures our family had taken this Christmas, however, the laptop is dead and so is that crafty project along with it! AAUUGHH! Then I made these super cute paper frame cards for the great-grandparents that I put the professional picture that we had taken with the kids in it.

All in all, I have taught myself that I can live three days without a computer and still survive. Here I sit, alive and well. A living testament that the computer is not what keeps my heart beating.

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