Thursday, May 10, 2007

I take forgranted...

I hope I spelled forgranted right, oh well...on with the post.

This evening as we sat on Waikiki Beach as a last hurrah with our friends the Benson's (they are moving to the mainland) I realized that that was the first time we had been to Waikiki since we have returned to Hawaii. It is one mile away from our home, and yet, we have not yet stopped to really enjoy this beautiful place we live in.

SIDENOTE: I was also reminded of why we don't go to Waikiki very often...they actually increase the prices there! You have to ask for a kama'aina rate if you want to pay 10% less than they charge the tourists, even then it is still expensive! Our friends got a 6" subway sandwich and with the discount, the still paid $7!

Okay, back to the forgranted stuff. Here is a small list of things I took forgranted while living in Utah:
1. The skiing (both water and snow). I have only been once...each.
2. Gorgeous Mountains. I never camped or hiked enough to see everything, but I miss them.
3. Lake Powell....lived there twenty years and still haven't been there.
4. Temples all over the place. There was no good excuse for me to not be at the temple every week. Okay, there is no good excuse now either, our temple is only 1 1/2 hours away.
5. Family. It would be great to see them whenever I want to.

So, if you ever make it over here to Oahu, let me give you a few things that you won't want to miss...'cause once I am gone, I am sure I will take these things forgranted:
1. Kapiolani favorite place to walk/jog with the kids. You have this amazing view of Waikiki Beach and it isn't too full of tourists. It's all green and the paths are lined with trees, just beautiful. After the walk, let the kids run free in the grass.
2. Waimanalo Beach...the very best (and safest) place to boogie board. The sand is so soft, and unlike Kailua, it isn't very windy. Kind of hidden, so not too many people there.
3. Shark's incredible place to snorkle. There are tunnels you can dive through and there is such a great variety of sea life.
4. Jung's Shave Ice...this is right next to Todd's office. Sure, there are great shave ice places in Haleiwa, but this is the best! Make sure to get it with ice cream and snow capped. YUM!!!
5. Ted's Bakery....killer Chocolate Haupia Pie and the best bacon cheeseburger ever.
6. Turtle's on the North Shore and large Sea Turtle's often rest on the sand. They can always be spotted in the water, tons of them.
7. Ala Moana Beach Park...sure, at first glance it may seem like nothing big, but it is just the perfect place to get away too if you don't want to leave the city and don't want to go to Waikiki. The shore is protected by a reef so no big waves to knock down the little ones. You can even snorkel on the reef and see some fish if you want to.

Okay, I have to stop, kids need me. You may not realize, but it has taken me two days to write this post. With Todd only home for a few minutes each day and the kids needing lots of love lately, I have just now finished writing this post. Hopefully I will get my own computer soon (Todd has an old one at the school he is going to bring home for me).

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