Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Spirit of God

So, a little while ago, I had asked for some duet suggestions. Today was the day of the musical number and Jericho and I sang "The Spirit of God" from Michael R. Hicks' "I Know He Lives" Fireside Songbook.

I have to start out by telling you a little bit about Jericho. When I taught seminary, he was one of my students (that slept most of the time). He is a great kid and seems to have that all around talent (e.i. debate, volleyball, piano, drums, friendly, charming, I am sure I am missing a few more). He recently added singing to his repertoire of talents and decided to share it with the McCully ward. Although, I think his dad had something to do with it, seeing as how he is the Bishop.

Jericho was a little stand-offish about singing a solo, so his dad suggested he find someone else to sing with him. Sad to say, there are no Young Women in the ward who sing, so he had to settle for me (a lady ten years older than him). He has got such a great gift and can sing beautifully and with such power. It was fun to get to sing with someone like that.

As for the performance itself, it went well. We had arranged that Miranda would take Abi and Todd would hold the reins on Connor. We had some friends sit on the other end of the bench so there could be no escaping of Connor. One verse into the song, Connor escaped. He made it up the aisle (why did no one stop him?), onto the stand (still, no one stopped him) and standing in front of me. He looked up and started quietly tugging at my skirt (I was nervous that he would actually pull it off), so I picked him up and held him the remaining 2 verses of the song. I have to say, he did very well. Connor never tried to grab the microphone, turn the music, or talk to me. He just laid his head on my shoulder and ever once in a while would look out at the congregation and smile like he had just gotten exactly what he wanted. I am sure the congregation enjoyed watching him more than they enjoyed the musical number.

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Heather said...

Well, as one who was there, it was very sweet to see Connor just laying on your shoulder like that, and we were very impressed with your ability to keep singing perfectly at the same time. And it was incredible and powerful and beautiful and you did A FABULOUS JOB!! And yes, Jericho did great too.