Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bye-Bye Brady's

Another month, and another awesome family leaves Hawaii (no, it's not us). Tonight we had a BBQ to celebrate Dan's Birthday and the horrible (yet good for them and exciting) departure the Brady's will be making this next week.

Let me whine for a minute. The Brady's live just down the hall from us. It has been so awesome to be able to drop the kids off whenever I need to run a quick errand. If I'm out of something in the cupboard, they're right there and usually have what I need. Then there is the serious attachment that Connor has to Gracie. He prays for her nightly and as soon as we get off the elevator he goes in the direction of her door, not ours. But, I know I can stop by, let him play with Gracie for a few minutes to get his fix and head back home (or they offer to keep him for a little while longer and I get a little break). The impromptu meals didn't hurt either. You see, there is no one else on this floor with kids the same age as Connor. Maybe not even in this building.

We still have Chloe, Sami, Nia and Matthew (none of you had better think of moving for a while). Too bad the rent to take over the Brady's place is too expensive (like everything else here in paradise). So, I do not know who the new neighbors will be. Let's all pray that it will be another awesome young family willing to trade babysitting on a last minutes notice.

Back to tonight. The food was wonderful and the kids all got along great. I captured this picture of them all curled up in a blanket "pretending" to sleep.

Don't you just love it how when one kid does something, all the others are sure to follow? Like running off, even though the parents ask them to stay close. It's like, if one is disobedient, the rest can be. Do kids really have "listening ears" at the age of 2 1/2? I know he has listening ears...but they are "selective listening ears." Now there's a trait that never seems to fade with age.

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Heather said...

The BRADY's!!!! We are going to miss them so much. I saw the kids "fake sleeping", it was SOOO Cute, and you caught it on camera just in time. Good job, that was a way fun BBQ.