Saturday, June 16, 2007

King Kamehameha Day

Knowing full well that Todd would have a day off of work, along with some friends this last Monday, we took advantage of the moment and planned a day at Waikiki Beach (just before Queen's end...not to worry!) The weather was perfect and the time flew by so quickly. We have so many wonderful friends here! So, enjoy the photos from this great day. I sure loved reliving them tonight as I downloaded them (finally) from the camera.

Connor getting buried in the sand by his daddy. I was really surprised to see him sit still long enough to get covered.

Connor, Gracie, Sami & Chloe getting towed around by Uncle Mano. Anything to keep the kids close by and together.

I love this picture! It's little Chloe-Bug taking a "picture" of Abi.

And the Abi-girl posing with a cheesy grin (if that's what you can call this facial expression).

Aren't these tree limbs the greatest backdrop?

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