Wednesday, July 11, 2007

NOT Napping

For the longest time, I have been sooooo blessed that Connor and Abi would nap at the same time in the same room each day. This is changing much more quickly than I would like. It used to be that I could lie Connor down for a nap, wait a few minutes, then lay Abi down and she'd whine for a few minutes, but Connor would never wake. Now if he hears her whine, he wakes up and either:

A) Jumps out of his bed to play with her, hence neither of them taking a nap.
B) Wakes up crankily and refuses to take a nap the rest of the day.

So the remedy has been for them to not nap at the same time any more or to nap in separate rooms. This means that Connor falls asleep on the couch in the living room (while Anastasia plays on the DVD), while Abi sleeps in her crib. When she wakes up, I take her out of the room and transfer Connor into his own bed.

I am so tempted to put Abi's playpen into one of the bathrooms (like the Brady's did) and make that her own bedroom. This is now affecting our bedtime routines too! Abi hears the door open and wakes up and wants to play with Connor, even though it is 9pm.

I count my blessings that the two of them get along as well as they do, but this not napping stuff is for the birds.

This video clip was taken about a week ago, when they would still sleep at the same time in the same room. I heard Abi talking and knew that she would be waking up her brother soon, so I quickly grabbed the camera and stuck it through the door to catch the action. I apologize that it is so blurry, but I couldn't get it to focus...mostly because I didn't want to let them know I was taking the video.


Shay said...

What a great video clip. As I was watching it just made me think of how lucky they are to have each other and how happy they are to see each other! That's when you know it's all worth it...naps or no naps! Good Luck!

Emilee said...

They look like they really enjoy each other- how fun! I love the laughter, it's contagious!

Brooke said...

That video is really cute. What little buddies they are, I love all of the giggling!!!! Good luck with the whole nap issue. Brandon stopped napping over a year ago and Annie is starting to fight it now--she's only 20 months! There's no way I'm letting her stop this early! :)

Heather said...

Ah, sibling love, it's great!! Sorry to hear about the nap schedule. I totally think you could put her in the bathroom, why not??