Monday, July 23, 2007

Wiffle Ball

I am not good at sports, never have been. Some friends suggested we play wiffle ball and I agreed it was a great idea Connor has just picked up on the idea of baseball, so he was sure to have a great time.

We had a little bit of rain in and out of the game, but it was so much fun. There were the Johnson's and their three little boys and daughter. Imagine trying to come into the base that Jodie was have to get around her and her three sons!

We had divided up girls against guys...mind you one of the girls is 8 months pregnant (Heather). She was smart and played the role of babysitter to little Serene and camera man.

The three other girls on our team were all teeny tiny little twigs who seemed to know what they were doing (with the exception of Olga...she had never played baseball before, but she did a great job).

Then there was me...pregnant. I dove for a ball, got it and threw it to Miwa. I looked like a dork. And I think I pulled a muscle on the left now I am dumb dork.

The guys rocked, like they always do...even when they had a child on their shoulders or in their arms as they were rounding bases.

It was a great evening...if you need a fun activity, give Wiffle ball a try!

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