Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Comparison Shopping

I just returned from a solo trip to the grocery store. It kills me to have spent $40 and walk out with only 2 bags of groceries! I feel like I am getting jipped. The prices here are definitely something I am not going to miss.

So, let's do some comparison shopping. I'll list the prices of some of the things I just bought...and you let me know what you would spend on the same items where you live!

Small Carton of Ice Cream $3.79
Can of Pie Filling $7.69
Vanilla Wafers $2.39
Cream Cheese $1.79
Small Can of Pineapple $1.39
Shredded Mozarella Cheese $3.49
Gallon of Milk $5.99
Kix Cereal $8.79

I'm excited to see what a difference there is!


jaesi said...

hi, I am one of Heathers friends and I read your blog often.
This is funny...I just bought most of these things yesterday.(I made mini cheesecakes for a party)
pie filling....2.19
vanilla wafers....2.00
cream cheese......99 cents
gallon of milk....3.75
mozzarella cheese..2.00

I cant believe some of those prices! My family would be eating ramen noodles everyday if I lived there. But then again, those are probably more expensive too :)

jaesi said...

BTW I live in Virginia and I shop at a military commissary so the prices are a bit cheaper than other places.

Lori Bowen said...

Hi Mel!! How are's Lori again (Angies friend from Littleton, CO). I just saw Angie and Tyson the other day, it had been a long time since we saw one another. Good to see her. She told me that you all were moving back to Utah...yea! I know your families will be happy to see you all.
I too read your blog every so often but, am BLOWN away by your prices of groceries AND the fact that you got to go ALONE! :)
Small carton of Ice cream~2.50
Gallon of mile~~3.25 (organic-5.99)
Cereal~3.25 (appox)
Shredded Cheese~2.50
Cream Cheese~1.45
I know Hawaii well and know its expensive....good luck with it all and the move. Take care!!

Mel said... funny! I was making those mini cheesecakes for a party too! Makes the comparison shopping much easier.

Hi Lori---yeah, going ALONE was so glorious. I walked up and down every aisle twice very slowly. My moment of peace and solitude, listening to the stores music above and the clinking of items going into the cart. Good luck with your move!!!

Emilee said...

Hey Mel, I lived in CA for almost a year & thought that was expensive, but HA takes the cake! In NV, things are MUCH cheaper. I'm on vacation in UT right now, & it's even cheaper here. You'll just love it... & being closer to your family.
Prices in NV:
Ice cream: 2.50
Pie Filling: don't know
Vanilla wafers: 2.29
Cream Cheese: 1.10
Pineapple: .79
Cheese: 2.50
Gallon of milk: 2.50
Cereal: 3.50

Heather, Dan, and Family said...

Hello dear. Utah! I am so excited because that means we will get to visit you when we visit our families, and we most likely will end up there someday...yaay! So are you excited to go back? When do you leave? I guess it is probably bittersweet. Fill me in on the details.