Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Time for a Catch Up

The last week has proven fruitful in the furniture ridding department. Thanks to Craigslist, everything has sold much more quickly than I had anticipated.

I sit here on the floor in our bedroom writing this post. No desk to set this stuff on, because it has sold. Piles of clothes scattered around the room. One for Todd, One for me, and One pile of dirty clothes. No drawers to put them in!

In the corner are stacks and stacks of books just calling to be put in boxes and shipped via media mail to the mainland. The bed is my backrest and we get to keep it until the day we leave (thankfully).

So, we are in shambles and Connor is sensing it. He asks to sleep in our bed, or asks us to sleep in his bed with him. His toys are being sold off day by day. I try to take him outside for a little bit each day (I know, that sounds like he's a little pet doggy, but living this lifestyle he can only get out for fresh air when I can keep him on a "tight leash" of sorts).

However, when the weekend came, we made the very most of it! Our friends, the Moulton's arranged a "Meteor Shower" party at Mokuleia (Northern tip of the island) on Saturday. We loaded up the van that evening and headed out to see the stars.

Everyone, but us, arrived on Hawaiian time. While we waited for the crew to arrive, Connor found the only pile of dirt and went to town. There is this "Maui Browning Babe" lotion that they sell at the ABC stores...I know why it turns people brown, the stuff must just be full of the dirt!

Still waiting, we got the munchies. We filled up our bellies with the chips we brought for the potluck and by the time the bonfire had started, we were already too stuffed to enjoy the hotdogs and Smore's.
Todd did make us a few polish sausages. YUM!!! The bonfire was great, too bad all the little crabbies thought so too. Many of them climbed into the pit for the party, but never made it out alive.
I learned that I could never have lasted on survivor. While sitting on our blanket, looking at the sky full of stars (AMAZING), my feet were hanging off of the edge. I felt the sand beneath my feet start to shift and then a crab crawled up and over my leg! AAUUGGHH!! The great outdoors are so beautiful, but not when creatures crawl on you!

Sunday evening after Church we all changed clothes and met some friends at the Valley of the Temples to take some family pics. Our friend Katie was the photographer...here are a few of our favorite shots from the evening. The cute little girl going in to kiss Connor is Sami...Katie took their family pics too.


koryandkatie said...

What a cute little family you have. And I LOVE the picture of Connor sitting in the sand! Good luck with the move!!

Emilee said...

Beautiful family pictures- you are one cute pregnant lady! I'm glad the move is coming along... good luck!

ariches said...

I love the family picture. Katie did a good job.

Lori B. :) said...

LOVE the pictures....too beautiful. Really, you should enter some in contest and win some BIG $$$, your kids are just too cute. The $ you could make off your kids would buy back some of your things for your new livings in Utah :)
I wish you all well, you seem so together and handling it all so well and PREGNANT to boot. You are amazing and a bit of an angel. Take care of your self!!
Cheers~~Lori B.