Monday, August 20, 2007

Super Saturday

WOW!!! We have a whole lot to cram in before we leave this beautiful island.

We have a friend who works as a dolphin trainer (is that the coolest job EVER!!!) at the Sea Life Park and she can get us in for a killer discount. Too bad she wasn't there on Saturday, or she could have introduced us to the little babies she is training. Any-hoo, we went with our friends, the Olsen's.

I'd been before, but to tell you the truth, having kids along is what makes the whole trip more worthwhile. Connor said the most hilarious things! To read all about his detailed trip, visit his blog.

As a teaser (and to tie in this picture) Connor was standing next to the glass of this huge aquarium and a very large Manta-Ray swam bye with the belly on the glass. He got scared and all shaky when it swam by!
It didn't take too long to walk around the park, it is rather small. The highlight had to have been the dolphin show. They have the world's only known wholfin (part whale, part dolphin)! Such a beautiful creature.

That evening I abandoned Todd with the kids (again). Don't feel too bad, Abi slept the entire time. My girlfriends here threw a baby shower for me!

SIDENOTE ABOUT BABY SHOWERSAfter Connor was born, I thought that was it. I am sure somewhere Emily Post has mentioned that it is improper etiquette to have another baby shower after you have already given birth to one child. When I was expecting Abi, friends and family offered to throw a shower and I turned them all down, trying to be etiquettely correct. Then Abi came and I had nothing for a little girl, not to mention the move and the need for things that I didn't have anymore. The invitations came again with baby #3 and I took these sweet girls up on it. Forget Etiquette, if someone wants to throw you a shower, take them up on it! We girls always need one more reason to get together.

Wendi did the decorations and as you can see, it was so beautiful!
This is the courtyard of our Tabernacle where we come to church every Sunday, isn't it the most beautiful setting?

We started out with the delicious food, then moved on to some great, non-embarrassing games and finally the most special part of the evening. By this time it had gotten dark out and some of the guests had left, so it was just a very small intimate group. We gathered together around the center of the table with the candlelight and each of the women gave their "favorite Mel memory". Of course, I was a blubbering idiot.

The people I have met here have become my family. Todd and I have spend most of our marriage living here in Hawaii and it has made living away from our own families a little easier. It's a transient ward, but there is always going to be this amazing connection between us...and the connection has remained with the friends that left a while ago.

Mahalo Nui Loa to all of my girls here in Hawaii for an amazing and special evening.


Emilee said...

I love the pink & brown theme! Ooooh & the courtyard of your church is AMAZING! I'm glad you've got such great friends there in Hawaii. What a bittersweet time this must be to be coming back to UT. We missed you at the reunion on Saturday, but we're excited to see you soon.

ariches said...

The decorations are sooooo cute. What a good friend!!!