Tuesday, September 11, 2007

First Few Weeks

We are surviving brilliantly here in our new lifestlyle. Surrounded by the gorgeous mountains, waking up and going to sleep to very comfortable temperatures...life couldn't be better.

Todd had to return to Hawaii today to meet with his dissertation board. He'll just be there a few days, but it will be much easier having him gone with as much family we have around. The help has been incredible. I almost feel like we are taking advantage of the family being so close (our parents are 4 doors apart from one another).

I have never seen Connor so happy in all my life. He is running and jumping and yelling and exploring and watching less and less tv. I had good intentions of starting preschool today, but it didn't happen. We'll try again on Thursday. I got too busy running errands this morning (a Dr.'s apt and some grocery shopping) that when the time to to start preschool, he was ready for a nap.

Abi is going through a clilngy/whiny phase. Any ideas when it will end? Did your little ones go through something like this? I suppose it can only be expected with all of the new people in her life. Too bad she doesn't understand how much they love her and want to cuddle her...and that in the end they will ALWAYS return her to me.

So, what have I loved so much about Utah since we have arrived?
1) Family
2) The mountains...I love driving east on 5400 South and seeing those incredible mountains
3) Fry Sauce
4) Connor and Abi sleeping in their own beds
5) Abundance of Scrapbooking stores
6) Affordable EVERYTHING


Margaret said...

Mel! We are definitely feeling the loss of you :). I'm so glad to hear that it's been wonderful being back. Why wouldn't it be, especially with family so close by, affordable everything, AND AND FRY SAUCE! Oh my gosh, I never thought I would ever miss fry sauce, but i do! Have some for me please :)


Heather, Dan, and Family said...

Yaay for affordability!! I wish that I could say things are like that here, but not so much. Not as bad as Hawaii though so I don't complain. I am so glad things are going well for you guys. Good luck to Todd in Hawaii!

angie said...

Hey Mel! I am glad you are lovin' life here in Utah. I must say, I rather enjoy it myself. Are you guys here for good? Are you living w/ one of your parents right now? We should take our kiddos on a walk in the parkway.

Live everyday to its fullest said...

Mel, I MISS YOU! I am glad you love Utah someone needs to! Just kidding! I do love those mountains, they really are beautiful especially in the fall so go and drive up the canyon for me when the leaves start changing and take some pictures for me! I can't stress enough how much you are missed! But hey, we are only a 11 hr car drive away HAHAHA! So toss the rugrats in the car and head on over!

Steve, Ashley and Kalli said...

Mel- I think our babies are 1 day apart and don't worry- my girl is doing the exact same thing. Maybe they'll grow out of it? Until then, I'll feel better that I'm not alone in the whiny "stage" (is it a stage?). Good luck and I hope that you are enjoying your new scenery!
Ashley Guymon

angie said...

My mom lives right by the parkway so I am there a lot. I can pretty much go any morning so when is good for you? Just let me know!! I am excited to see you and your kiddos.