Monday, September 24, 2007

Trip to Colorado

Okay, so I promised pictures...and I would post them, but I just scanned through them and realized the ones I got are pretty lame. Thankfully Angie took some cute pictures of the kids. She also went into great detail on her blog about the adventures while we were there (losing our boys).

The drive to and from was great. Each child had one melt-down right about the time they were ready to go down for a nap, but they (the melt-downs) didn't last more than five minutes.
Very doable. The DVD player was wonderful, and wouldn't you know it, Connor never watched the same show twice! I guess he needs variety on the road, but when he's home he prefers to watch the same shows over and over.

Once we were on the straight and narrow (I-80) I decided to pick up that last Harry Potter book and start reading, two pages into it I got car sick and had to put it down! I haven't picked it back up. I would read it now, but I find that when I get into a book like that, I tend to delve so deeply into the book that I neglect everything and everybody around me. Maybe I will have a long labor, like I did with Connor (NOT wishing it) and I can read while I enjoy an epidural. If it is anything like Abi's delivery, no chance of reading a single page.

Back to the fun trip. I did not expect to be entertained or need to be. We've been to Denver a few other times and have seen all the great things that city has to offer. This time around I just wanted Connor to play hard with someone his own age and give the in-laws a break (and wear out our welcome at Adam & Angie's...which I don't think we did).

A few of the highlights of the trip:
1) Losing Connor and Tyson for what seemed like the longest ten minutes of my life
2) Abi's First Birthday (you can read about it on her blog)
3) Getting a pedicure
4) Angie's Baby Shower (she has some good friends)
5) Making File Folder Games (not too quiet....we tried it out in church this week and made a lot of noise. I guess my velcro pieces were too big)
6) Taking a long hot bath after having an emotional breakdown (note to self...wait until youngest child can walk before carrying another one in-utero..the weight of the two is overwhelming)
7) Watching Connor and Tyson laugh and laugh and laugh and share a little bit
8) Receiving a HUGE box of the cutest girl clothes EVER from Lori (thanks forever Lori!)
9) The company of Adam, Angie & Tyson

If you ever do get a chance to go to Denver, there are a few things you should do (although we didn't do these things this time, we have done them in the past):
The Denver Aquarium (totally cool!!!)
Colorado Rockies Game
Natural History Museum
Red Rock Amphitheater
Garden of the Gods


Heather said...

Darling pictures on Angie's blog. I'm so glad you guys had fun- and that the boys were okay, that would be so scary!

ariches said...

I can't believe you remember all those places. Denver is great!!!! You should live here (hint, hint).

Brittany Doll said...

Sounds like fun. I have only been to Denver once when I was really young, so I don't remember much. I love Abi's "Air Splits."

Emilee said...

I went to Denver a few months ago to see "Wicked" and we went to the Aquarium- it is FABULOUS! I'm glad you enjoyed your trip. Abi looks like she belongs in my family of super- flexible girls!!

Shay said...

What an exciting trip! I hope you can relax now and enjoy the last bit of your pregnacy!

koryandkatie said...

Sounds like a fun trip. Glad you're back safe and sound!

angie said...

FUN TIMES!! I have been to Denver a few times, I have family who loves there.

Your little one is coming SO SOON!!! I am excited for you. :)

Lori B. said...

YEA MEL!!!! So good to see you and really 'talk' with you. You are an amazing woman with a heart of gold. Todd is a lucky man for sure :) Gladd all worked out and your trip went so well. Can't wait to see you again, hopefully sooner then later.
I was so excited to go over and see ANGIE and PORTER and family but, Ella got sick this the visit will have to wait.
Can't wait to hear about Carly's arrival...SOON!!!!!
Take good care and keep us up to date!
Love Lori

Live everyday to its fullest said...

Oh Mel, I am glad the trip was fun!And Abbie's pics are so darling! What a fun 1st Birthday. And I went to Angies page and saw the cute pic of the two of you...DARLING! Mel you are so cute, I LOVE YOU! And in what...less than 5 weeks Carly will be here, how exciting! Can't wait to see all the pics of her!
Love you

Heather, Dan, and Family said...

What a great trip. Kind of nice to be able to drive further than an hour again, huh? I love the pic of Abi in the carseat. Happy birthday to Abi!