Monday, October 8, 2007

Back on Track

Life as I know it has gotten busier, but I don't feel like I am getting anything done! So here is a little post to catch you up on the happenings in the Riches world.

Angie has had her little Porter home and in her arms for two weeks now. I envy her, because she no longer has to go to the bathroom every ten minutes, her joints are no longer stiff when she sits in one position for too long and she can sleep on her stomach (when she actually gets to sleep). We have just a few more weeks till our little Carly is expected to arrive. I hate to get my hopes up and imagine that Carly will come early, but I have. Oops. Oh well, she'll get here when she gets here! For the most part, I am feeling fine. I am taking Connor's only nap his blog to find out why. This means that I do not get a exhaustion is setting in. I will survive, the pioneer women did it while crossing the plains...I can do it while sitting here at the computer.

Last Saturday, the kids, my mom, my sister and I all took a drive up to Logan to visit our old stomping ground and visit some friends. My two little angels were just that on the drive up, angels (I know, I don't refer to them as angels very often). We first stopped at the Logan mall. Supposedly it had been re-done. They added on a "food court" with one place to eat. It is a cute and sweet little mall and the stores have upgraded a bit since the last time I was there.

Then we stopped and visited some friends from our old neighborhood. It's sad to see people age (but hey, that's what we do) and really sad to see the neighborhood going down hill as far as the new caretakers are concerned. For those of you familiar with the Logan area, I grew up on the Island, just off of Canyon Road. It was such a pleasant place to have my childhood.

Our last stop was to the Buchert's. How strange is it that we met this incredible family in Hawaii and they have ended up in Logan! Once again, the ENVY sunk in and I admired their adorable little (BIG) home and dreamt of the day when Todd and I could once again afford a mortgage (and responsibility, yardwork, household maintenance...yeah, it would be nice).

The drive home was AMAZING!!! Through Sardine Canyon we were able to witness two seasons at once! On one side of the highway, there were the ever changing trees and on the opposite side, SNOW!!! So beautiful! I love living in a state where the seasons change. The smell of Autumn has got to be a personal favorite.

I'll save this one for a separate therapy!

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Emilee said...

Thanks for sharing those pictures of fall & winter. We get to 'fee' the seasons change here, but not really 'see' them. Hang in there with that baby, it's coming so quickly!