Tuesday, October 23, 2007

High Hopes

So...as you can see, I still have a few more days until the "due date" of Carly Belle. I had such high hopes that she would come super early, like Porter did for Angie. Doesn't look like the odds are in my favor.

I am still carrying WAY too high and feeling WAY too good. People ask how I am feeling, and honestly, I feel great! I don't feel pregnant at all. I am sleeping well, I have enough energy to get me through each day (with a 2 hour nap each day), I am letting Connor ride me like his horsey and I don't mind carrying Abi. The only part that reminds me I am pregnant is this big ball sitting in my lap!

I really wanted Carly to arrive on either the 16th or the 21st of October. I may have mentioned this before...but my mind doesn't prove to be very clear in the memory department right now. So far all of our birthdays have fallen into a numerical order of some sort. I was born the 17th of June, Connor the 18th of January, Abi the 19th of September and Todd the 20th of November. How cool would it have been to keep that system going? NOT going to happen now.

Anyway...I do have a Dr.'s appointment tomorrow and based upon whether or not I am effaced, the Dr. wants to strip my membranes in the hopes that it will speed things along and we can avoid a big baby (my stomach measured 39 weeks at my last appointment).

Other high hopes would involve a toddler who can't sleep on his own (saving that for another post asking for suggestions, but I will wait until Carly has come. Why train him to sleep only to have him relapse at her arrival?) and a little girl that still won't walk.

Just a little whining today...sorry! On a good note, the kids were both so great today and kept one another entertained that I was able to read the entire book "Twilight" that everyone keeps talking about. My mother-in-law gave it to me to read while in the hospital...I read one chapter last night and didn't put it down until I finished it this evening.


Heather said...

Oh good, thanks for the update, I've been wondering! Keep us updated. I'm glad you're not tired! Yay!

Emilee said...

Welcome to the 'Twilight' club! Now maybe you can read 'New Moon' or 'Eclipse' in the hospital, but maybe you'll be done with those, too by the time the baby comes! Thanks for the baby update!

Nik said...

oh mel!
It sounds like we need to get together and let the kids play again. (no sick kids here!) It's been so nice out. Let me know how your dr. appointment goes and then we can make some plans. We might go to the pumpkin patch on Friday afternoon.

Shay said...

OH Melody...you are such a trooper!
Glad to hear you are reading Twilight...What do you think? I'm finishing New Moon right now! Hang in there. Cant wait to see pictures of your baby!

Danielle said...

The last month is really like 2 months long right? It lasts forrreevvverrr! Well at least u feel good and no bed rest. my dr. stripped my membranes (I was 4 cm already from walking at work) and I had Ashli the next day- fun times! Jaden sleeps crappy too so I will be checking on the advice section since I need it too!

Emilee said...

It's been a while since we've heard from you- maybe that baby did come early after all?