Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas Tree Themed FHE

At the beginning of the month our Family Home Evening was inspired by Christmas Trees. Uncle Ikey read the story "The Three Trees" (a good tear jerker for any time of the year) and for our activity we went to a tree lot in Sandy on 90th South.

Ike wove us in and out of a few trees and in the far back corner there was a large fence set up near a trailer. Out of the trailer came Santa Clause!!! And behind the fence were four live reindeer. Connor may have been too cold to know what was going on, because he didn't give too much expression in any direction.

The Santa took a lot of time explaining where the reindeer come from and what they like to do. I had no idea that reindeer were so least these ones were.

After the educational lesson in reindeering, we walked back up to the front and found the perfect tree. It really is perfect. There is nothing quite like the smell of a fresh pine in the home at Christmas time.

Once we got back home, Grandpa Riches had hot cocoa waiting for us all (Abi really loved the whipping cream on top). The tree was just a little too tall, so after a minor trim, the guys got it situated in the corner and the decorating began.

Dad put on lots and lots of lights and everyone else helped with the ornaments...making fun of the "old school" ones. Since that time, all ornaments and decorations have been moved up onto the top half of the tree. That happened after Abi started grabbing at them. They were moved up even higher after Connor started taking off the glass balls and throwing them on the tile. He took the word "ball" too literally. Maybe from now on I will refer to them only as "ornaments" or "orbs."

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Live everyday to its fullest said...

Oh how fun for the whole family...especially Connor and Abby since they didn't get a tree in Hawaii last year! I bet Connor loved decorating the tree, that is always Chloes favorite part...and she sticks as many on one branch as she then i have to rearange them!