Friday, December 7, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

I know, it is a little late, but here it goes:

Thanksgiving morning started out nicely. We got the kids all dressed and ready for the day. My only concern was that Connor still had a yucky runny nose and it seemed like Abi was coming down with the same thing. I didn't want my kids to be the ones to get all of their cousins sick, so I had told the Riches (who we were spending Thanksgiving with) that I would hole myself and the kids at my parents house until the festivities were over.

As I was packing the bags the phone was Chad with his concerns about Mailee waking up sick, so they may not come over. Then Alicia called saying that they might not come because Rachel had a runny nose. I quickly chimed in that my kids were sick too, so everyone should just come over.

It was strange to not have the house full with all the Riches sibs...something that will be more than made up for at Christmas time, I am sure.

Chad & Kimi came over with the "healthy" kids later on in the evening for pie (the pumpkin dessert was amazing Kimi). Dinner was fantastic, although Abi went down for a nap shortly into the meal.

We didn't celebrate with my family this year...we'll get to next year, though!

So, what do I have to be thankful for?
~Good health
~My Toddy
~Three beautiful children
~The opportunity to have lived in so many great places and meet so many amazing people (I love you and miss you all)
~The gospel in my life that has helped us through all of the changes that have taken place in our little lives
~Parents who have brought me up to be a (somewhat) decent person
~Siblings who bring me lots of laughs
~Painkillers & Chocolate...they go hand in hand (or are one in the same)

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Live everyday to its fullest said...

HAHAHA I love the last Thankful item...I do agree especially after all you have been through :) And you know what like you said your family has good health and that is what Thanksgiving is all about being with your least the immediate!