Monday, December 31, 2007

Family Picture

Yes, I know that the family picture at the top of the blog is out of date. It is exactly one year old!

However, I just couldn't keep the Christmassy blog header up, so I changed it to this one with the good intentions of replacing the picture with our most recent family picture.

The newest family photo was taken last week and I hope that the photographer will have the proofs back to us this week. So in the meantime you will have to stare at our cute and a little smaller family.

The family portrait was an incredible feat and a success! Have you ever tried to round up 30 people at the same time in the middle of the day? Not an easy task, but my mother-in-law accomplished it. She is wonder-woman.

We took the pictures at Sugarhouse park and the photographer did an excellent job of organizing us quickly and then taking each little families individual shots with little tears from the newest tiny babes (despite the snow falling and temperatures in the 30's).

When I get the pics, I'll post them for all to see! I am anxious to see them, as I am sure you are (that means you Ang).

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Live everyday to its fullest said...

Yeah I cant wait to see...we have our ultrasound on we'll see if we can see what we are having!