Monday, December 31, 2007

I Got the Munchies

One of my very favorite things about the holidays is this incredible sensation of CAREFREE EATING. It's almost as though the calories don't count (ha ha ha...I have 15 pounds to drop, who am I kidding).

So to make the days go by and keep Connor occupied while the girls napped each afternoon, we (mostly me) made some different goodies to share with the family.

Our first major attempt were these adorable Rice Krispy Treat Christmas Trees. Connor did manage to place a few red hots on, but after 6...he decided to just sit and eat them while I finished decorating the trees.

Then I tried to convince Connor to help me make a Graham Cracker Cookie Cottage. He didn't care at all and went downstairs to watch "Elf" for the thirtieth time. I made the cottage by myself, only to find Connor the Giant devouring it the next day.

My biggest failure had to have been the Candy Cane Cookies. They were supposed to turn out all small and round and cute and they looked like this (who cared in the end....they tasted GREAT!):

My English Toffee turned out way too buttery, but that didn't discourage anyone from eating the whole batch. Then I made some of my friend Jodie's cornbread for a Christmas party only to burn the first batch. The second batch ended up perfectly!

So, now that the holidays are over (not really, I am going to pig-out tonight) it is time to join a gym and drop that 15 pounds hanging on my hips and thighs. I plan to drop the weight by following Heather's "water diet" and not munching while sitting at the computer...and by going to the gym and by running around with the kids more often (anyone up for "airplane" or "ride a pony"?).

You know, I realized that they made the New Year a week after Christmas so that we can finish eating all of that amazing junk food people brought over as Christmas Gifts before January 1st. I mean, how are we really supposed to lose weight when it is lying around...and we can't just throw it all away, that would be rude! So, I will promise to eat any food that anyone brings over at Christmas Time.


The Reading Armadillo said...

I also love to eat all the yummy Christmas food. I keep telling myself that as soon as the new year begins, I'm seriously dieting, but I think I'll have to finish up all my goodies first. Happy dieting! If you need an exercise buddy, I'm close by.

Emilee said...

The candy cane cookies made me chuckle! I'm with you on the New Year's weight loss program. But as far as I'm concerned, it's still the holiday until January 2!!