Tuesday, January 22, 2008

FHE Chart

Yesterday we were discussing amongst the household who had what for FHE. None of us could remember. So I quickly threw together this super easy FHE chart.

*Thanks to GG Digital Designs for having the cute eyelets and handprints in their Finger Painting Kit.

I cut off the hands and punched a hole into the top of them. I also punched a hole through the center of each eyelet. Then to attach (and re-arrange) each of the hands, I twisted a paperclip apart and strung them through the hand and chart.

Wah-lah....cheap, and easy. Now it just hangs on the fridge ready for each Monday.


Emilee said...

Darling FHE chart! Thanks for the idea!

Live everyday to its fullest said...

AH Great Idea Mel...what a crafty momma! LOVE IT!