Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Year in Review

One of my friends did a look back at 2007, and I loved the idea...so here are the major happenings of our lives in 2007:

In January we returned to Hawaii where we spent the first month living in one of our Bishop's apartments. So it was Todd, Myself, Connor & Abi in a 400 square foot, 1 bedroom apartment. Thankfully our kids were so young at the time, they didn't mind at all. The one drawback was that with just one room, Connor got very accustomed to sleeping in the bed with Todd and I (this is a habit we are still trying to break him of). Here is a view from that apartment:

We also celebrated Connor's second birthday in January. What better place to go, than to Chuck-E-Cheese!!!

In February, after one month of living in Hawaii, we finally made it to the beach. This was to be Abi's first dip in the ocean, so we wanted it to be at a calm and warm location. Here is the little flab-meister at KoOlina:

We also moved into a larger 2 bedroom apartment in a high-rise right along the Ala Wai canal. The view was amazing...we looked right into the Manoa Valley. Being on the 33rd story with kid was a little frightening (there were no screens on the windows and I had nightmares of Connor climbing out of them).

The month of March came quickly...along with the announcement of another little one joining our family.

April and May went by quickly. Todd and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary on the 30th of May by going to a very fancy steak house. YUM!!!

In June, we learned that our newest addition was going to be another GIRL. Let the name game begin...it didn't take too long and we knew that our next little one was going to be Carly.

July brought about an adventure I had never been on....a flight in a helicopter! It was amazing and I didn't get nearly as scared as I thought I would. Thanks Brian!

August brought about the biggest shock for us. We had ran out of funding and the school was not going to give us any more money. We had to either move into a studio apartment or win a lottery. The thought of returning to Utah hadn't even crossed our mind, but Ken offered his home and the preparations began to see if Todd could complete his dissertation in Utah. The Dean said yes and we moved two weeks later.

In September we took a road trip in our new-to-us van and visited Adam and Angie in Colorado. Connor and Tyson become escapees and we lost them for about 10 minutes. The longest 10 minutes of my life. Todd found them in a different neighborhood. Tyson was pushing a truck and Connor was pushing a stroller. Neither of them had any idea they were missing.

October slipped by with a trip to Logan and the exciting Halloween Holiday.

November 2nd our little Carly Belle made her grand entrance into the world.

One week later, I was hospitalized with appendicitis and had that organ removed.

In December, Connor enjoyed his first bout in the snow. We went sledding and made a snowman.

We also partied hard and constantly for this incredible Christmas Season. Nothing like family to make the holidays right!



Live everyday to its fullest said...

What a GREAT recap...I LOVED IT!

Live everyday to its fullest said...

Ok so PS I LOVE YOUR NEW family pic! It turned out so cute! If you have any extras I would LOVE ONE! We miss you guys! So Brian came up with another really good plan for camping...he mentioned Bear Lake? What do you think? It would be really nice to have some water to swim in as well? Just a thought though...we still love Moab as well! So...ponder!

Emilee said...

I LOVE your new family picture! The snow is a beautiful backdrop. And I must say that your hair grows so amazingly fast!

angie said...

Wow Mel, you have really had a crazy busy year. I really liked reading all about it. :) I LOVE your fam pic too.