Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I Love Me Because...

Sunday, in Relief Society, Sister Brown gave the most wonderful lesson. She reminded us that Valentine's Day is upon us soon. We usually think of other people on that day, but she thought that we deserved to think about ourselves and remind ourselves why we love us.

She had many quotes to share reminding us of why we are all incredible. But I must admit my favorite part were the statistics she gave:

~The average woman in the United States is 5'4" tall and weighs 140 pounds.

~Out of 20,000 women, only 8 of those are super models. They average 5'11" tall and weigh 117 pounds (YUCK! I haven't weighed that since 9th grade).

~If Barbie were human, she would have to crawl around on all fours because she is so misproportioned.

~All photos nowadays in magazines are airbrushed...nobody (except for those 8 super models that are really sickly skinny) looks that good in real life.

~Marilyn Monroe was a size 14!

So, with that rolling, I am sure every woman in the room started to feel better about themselves and it was easier to take in the lesson. As the lesson came to a close, Audrey gave each of us a card and asked us to write "I Love Me Because..." and told us to complete the sentence.

I am going to encourage each of you, my amazing friends, to comment here and do the same! Share the love!!!!

(I made a scrapbook page using her idea using pictures of myself during a time in my life when I was satisfied with my looks...I'm working to get back to that look again. i.e. the longer hair, the smoother skin, no saddlebags).


Natalie said...

Hey Mel,
I love to read your blog. You make me laugh allot.
I loved this last post, made me feel better too.
Have you seen the "my 100" posts anywhere? If not go to my blog and click on the Daren and Lindsey link, then click in her my 100 link. I think this is also a great way to remind ourselves of who we are and what we like about us.
Anyway, thanks for sharing...I'm gonna mention this in church on Sunday.
Question for ya...where did you find the baby tracker that you had on your blog for Carly. I cant find it and I want to put it on my blog. Ciao for now!!!

L&T said...

Love this post!

Emilee said...

Thanks for sharing your love! That picture of you in the navy shirt is INCREDIBLE! You truly are one of those people who look great with long or short hair! I like the idea of thinking about why we love ourselves!

Live everyday to its fullest said...

Oh Mel...What a cute post. It is so hard now days to remember yourself when you have kids, husband, jobs etc. But taking a few minutes a day to remind ourselves why we love us is a good idea! P.s. you are beautiful now Mel...maybe not as skinny as you were before you had kids but you are Beautiful in my eyes...and your body has alot to show...3 ABSOLUTLY AMAZING BEAUTIFUL Babies...be thankful for that! LOVE YOU!

Meredith & Company said...

What a great lesson! I might totally rip off that idea the next time I have the presidency message. Great reminder, and beautiful pictures. But, I have to see, I've seen recent pictures of you, and I can't see much difference. You look awesome! And I mean RIGHT NOW!!!!!

All about the Benjamin's said...

I love that I am copying some of it and putting it on my blog; So true, it is sad how many people I know are having plastic surgery to enhance there upper part; Surgery!! Just to add b--bs!!!
Your post is so darling, Thanks for sharing... I have a hard time believing you have to worry about your looks. Your still beautiful.

Miranda said...

These kinds of things is exactly why I miss you!!! I love that Marilyn Monroe was a 14...what guy didn't think she was HOT!!! In all my watching of America's Next Top Model, Tyra Banks herself says that all those pictures as well as hers are airbrushed. You become a model when they don't have to do AS MUCH brushing on your pictures because it costs so much money. Did I make sense?

Shay said...

Thanks so much for the post and reminding us women to love ourselves more! I love your scrapbook page...you are beautiful!