Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Little Jaunty

Todd and I took a little jaunty this evening to the store. All of his pants are too big for him (wahhhh...if we all had that problem). So I recommended that we check out Steve & Barry's (on VanWinkle by Gold's Gym...think "gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now, gotta go, gotta go, gotta go).

Good thing we did. Everything in the store was $8.98. EVERYTHING!!!! So you'd think that we would have just gone to town. We loaded up a shopping cart with lots of pants for him and a shirt. We found a nice winter coat for Connor that he can wear next year and a few things for me. I must admit, a lot of things are picked through...but it did my heart good to see that all of my pant sizes were gone and most of the pants there were a size 0 (that means that I am average...there are so many people my size that it was the most popular and there are not as many little people as the store hoped).

When our cart was full, we made a stop at the dressing rooms. I HATE THOSE MIRRORS!!! I had two pairs of capris and two shirts. One of the shirts was a large and it was way too small. I must have grabbed a large shirt from the kids department (that's what I keep telling myself). It emphasized every crease and roll in my upper body. At least it showed me where I need to be focusing my energy on while at the gym. The other was a small and it was, small.

Speaking of the gym, I have been going religiously. The scales have gone up!!! Those capris that I mentioned earlier, were a size 10...too tight. I have some more work to do. My body is a little mis-proportioned. I like my waist, but the hips and the thighs, WHOA BETTY! I do believe that with each child you (or me at least) deliver, your hips spread further and further apart, thus giving you the "mom butt."

Todd is no better than a girl when it comes to trying on clothes. He just criticized his body as I just did. He has no room to speak, he is in great shape and looked fabulous in the clothes he tried on. But Todd, he'd just be happiest if the rest of the world would accept his "old style" and bring back Girbaud's (do you remember thse?). He always talks about how those were the pants that always fit him best. Just another one of the reasons why I love that man.

I think that the next time Todd needs clothes, I will just do what my friend Margaret does....I will purchase all of the clothes that I like for Todd (these purchases will be made without his presence, shopping is much more fun with the girls). After the fun is done, I will present them to him in the solitude of his own room and the mirror he is most familiar with. He can then explain to me which things he likes and which items he doesn't. I will simply return those things he doesn't like and I won't have to hear my husband who looks perfectly fine complain about not looking perfectly fine while shopping. Nothing ruins a fun shopping excursion like a sour puss.

The trip was only an hour long. Ken & Uncle Ike were "watching (refer to earlier I know where Todd got it from)" the kids. Connor was asleep on the couch (no complaints here...he's still asleep even after I transfered him from the couch to his bed!). Abi looked like she always does...a little discheveled and as though she had been into everything (which, after a walk through the house, she had been. She emptied one of the cabinets in the bathroom). Carly was "cranky" as Ike put it.

I told them she probably needed a bottle. Ken quickly offered to make her a bottle. I sat down with my adorable little girl and began visiting with her. Ken brought the bottle down...filled to the brim (over 9 ounces). Carly usually drinks just 6 ounces of formula in a feeding. It didn't bother me though, he was so kind and helpful, besides, Carly would drink as much as she wanted. However, she was unhappy with the bottle. It wasn't too hot or too cold...but it did look a little thinner than normal.

I asked Ken how many scoops of formula he put in. He responded, "one." One scoop of formula to 9 ounces of water. You cute mommies can figure out why Carly wasn't happy with what she was getting. So I thanked him and laughed my way up the stairs to make Carly a more proportioned bottle. She guzzled it down in minutes.

As I was feeding her, I thought, "It's a good thing we discovered this tonight. Carly would have starved Thursday and Friday if we hadn't caught the formula problem." You see, Todd and I are going to Logan tomorrow to see my friend Rachael's wedding.

We are spending the night! Without kids! Our first time alone since our babies have joined our lives! Yeah! I'll let you know all about it when we get back.


Heather said...

Oh Todd, always so hard on himself. He also wouldn't sing a solo in church, and he has SUCH a great voice! (I'll always cherish the memory of him filling in on the Olive Tree for Kristian.) Anyway, good thing about the formula thing getting figured out.

Live everyday to its fullest said...

Oh Todd...he is so funny! And shopping with Men is torture! I mean it! I dont go with Brian I buy what I like and he has to wear it! I tell him if he doesnt want to go or is gonna complain the entire time that I will choose and he will wear :) Mel dont be so hard on yourself...they say it takes 9 months to get a baby here and for your body to change and it takes at least 9 mos to get bakc to normanl...DONT STRESS YOURSELF OUT! P.S. YEAH on the night alone!!!! That will be relaxing and well, well deserved!

Emilee said...

I laughed through that whole post! Sounds like Todd is as much fun to shop with as Bill... not really at all! Girbaud's- that's hilarious! And 1 scoop of formula, wow- that's awesome. Enjoy the weekend out!

Shay said...

I loved reading about your shopping experience! It's nice to know that other people are like Jeremy and I. I would give up so much just to have a night alone with my man. Have a great time. Enjoy!

Nicole Bullock said...

Isn't Steve and Barry's great? I have gone there in LA and Detroit, and was excited when I was in town last week to find one in SLC. I only travel with carry-on bags, so Steve and Barry's has gotten me a little stash of clothes to keep at my parents house.

angie said...

SO FUNNY!!!! Avarie is on formula now so that made it even funnier. We should work out together, I MUST get myself back into shape. Where do you go?
Have fun on your little getaway. :)