Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Long Jaunty

We returned safely from Logan late last night. The vacation was much needed and here is how it all "went down":

Thursday afternoon we loaded up the mini.....van (ha ha, you thought I meant mini...I didn't, although, Todd's sister does have a mini). A whole hour and a half to Logan...I was worried if we would remember how to talk to one another. It has been a little over three years since we have been able to have an uninterrupted conversation for that long. It came easily, just like it was when we were dating! We talked about Todd's final semester (we hope) and what he plans to do when he grows up. He will be an architect, we know that much. But where and what types (not so much the type) are all still in the air. He has had a few job offers and we talked about the different pros and cons of each firm he's considering.

When we entered Sardine Canyon, the conversation sort of came to a screeching halt as we entered the thickest fog. It was very frightening for both of us. We stayed right on top of those bumps on the shoulder just to feel our way along the road, we could not see six feet in front of us. When the fog clear (at about Sherwood Hills) we saw a line of cars in front of us. None of us were going above 30 mph. Thankfully there were three snow-plows paving the way with salt. SPOOKY!!! But we made it into Cache sweet little first hometown.

I always look for the temple when we first enter. And there she stood like she always has! I loved it. Not too long into the city we pulled into the Econolodge. We found that they had the best price on-line and they also showed pictures of a hot tub and swimming pool. But the pool looked like it had never been used due to the snow surrounding the door!!! Nobody could have opened it. So Todd and I went in to the front desk and asked if the pool was in operation. The cute girl at the desk said "no." And we said "thanks, but we would really like to swim."

When we got back into the van Todd suggested that we "splurge and go to the Anniversary Inn." Sure, we could spend $100. So we drove to the Anniversary Inn. When we walked in, we asked the front deskette if she had any rooms available. She replied that she did and she wrote them down on a little pink sticky note. She then encouraged us to look through a book of the theme rooms and once we decided which one we wanted, she would get us checked-in.

Todd and I flipped through the book and agreed that the Hollywood Romance Suite fit the bill! I walked up to the front desk to give her our request, and another couple came walking in behind us. We were all a little sidetracked as she had a customer on hold while trying to help us. She joyfully explained that when we arrived in our room we would find some sparkling cider and cheesecake waiting for us. We could check-out three movies, and when we were ready, she could bring us some freshly popped popcorn. We could have all the free sodas we wanted. It sounded like so much fun.

She asked how I would be paying and I gave her my debit card. She ran it and handed me back the receipt to sign. I nearly had a heart attack. First off, it was a miracle that the amount I read actually went through...I didn't think that we had that much money in our bank account, secondly, if I am going to spend that kind of money it is going to be on something that will last longer than cheesecake in my tummy and 8 hours of sleep.

But remember, there was a couple behind us. I couldn't go back now and say..."sorry, but we're too poor." So Todd and I turned around with the key to our expensive room. As we walked out the door, I slipped Todd the receipt and he stopped breathing. We sat in the car and looked at each other in amazement. $285. We agreed that we just couldn't do that right now. So I waited until the other couple left the building (come on....I can't ruin my pride...not that I have much anymore). Then I hopped out of the van and walked back up to the girl at the front desk.

I informed her that Todd and I were just poor college students and that the room was more than we had intended. She apologized for never mentioning the price to us and offered us a discount. I told her that unless it was $100, we couldn't afford it. She said that they couldn't drop the price that low. So I told her to just cancel the reservation all together. How embarrassing!!!!

We drove away with our heads hanging low looking for another cheap hotel, hopefully one with a hot tub...Logan is COLD!!!! Comfort Inn became our home of choice. By now we had wasted too much time and we had to quickly get into our church clothes and drive to the Temple ASAP. We were going to see our friend Rachael receive her endowments.

Once in the temple I went into the waiting room and waited and waited and waited, but Todd never showed up. I wondered if something had happened to him in the dressing room, maybe he had fallen and cracked his head open. Or what if he got sick and was in the bathroom. The thoughts were going through my mind the whole time, even while this super friendly lady sat next to me and talked and talked and talked about her whole life and her kids lives and the lives of the people she knows. She must have been a lonely little lady. I learned a lot about her that day.

They announced that it was time for us to be going and that we would be leaving as soon as the first waiting room went...I saw Todd's head go by and knew that all was well with him. He spied me and I smiled so big happy to know that he was alive.

The session was amazing and I am so grateful to have seen Rachael there. She looked absolutely beautiful and her fiance was just beaming with joy. It was so cute.

In the Celestial Room this same little lady I visited with came up to me to talk some more. I smiled and was friendly with her, so Todd assumed that it was someone I must have known from growing up here. She treated me as though I was one of her grand-daughters, so Todd gave her a big hug and was as sweet as s southern boy. After we left, I explained to him that I had never met this woman before and we went above and beyond. There are blessings for him in Heaven.

Dinner was take-out from Juniper Take-Out. One of my favorite places to eat in Logan. And then we went swimming, well, Todd did. I just sat in the hottest hot tub in the world and loved every minute of it. My skin is so dry now from the soak, but it ws worth it.

Afterwards we watched "Fever Pitch" on TV. When the commercials were rolling, they showed clips of the movie "Fool's Gold." Todd suggested that we pick up his sister and see the movie after the wedding. I agreed that it was a great idea (after hesitating for a moment, I did have plans to watch a Michael Buble concert with my fam).

The Sealing of Rachael and Brad was incredible! The bride's colors were pink and black and her bouquet had bright pink gerber daisies and white calla lilies. Rachael was gorgeous. Isn't it so much fun to be a bride! Dressing up and wearing fancy jewelery and holding pretty flowers.

In between the wedding and the luncheon I took Todd on a tour of my old stomping grounds and we got an ice cream cone at Aggie Ice Cream. I grew up in the cutest little part of Logan ever, the Island. It was the perfect place for me and my family. I can't believe how much freedom my parents allowed me and my siblings to have. We walked or rode our bikes all over that place. I would be hesitant about letting me kids have that much freedom.

The luncheon was at the Bluebird Restaurant. It brought back a flood of memories from when Adam and Angie had their wedding. The ironic thing is that this friend Rachael is also from Soda Springs. Small world that these two girls from Soda would both get married in the Logan temple and have their luncheon at the Bluebird. Okay, maybe it's not so ironic when Logan is as small as it is.

Then it came time to pick up Kelli. I was wearing a cute dress, but one that is a little too tight after wearing it during an entire luncheon where I engorged myself of two cupcakes (before the meal), a roll, roast beef, potatoes and veggies. I ran into Kelli's apartment to change so fast. I charged into the apartment without knocking (yeah, her door was unlocked) I barely said hello to her roommate as I entered. Kelli wasn't home yet.

Phew, out of the tight tights and oxygen depriving dress and into comfy pants (that the zipper always comes down on...I have bad luck with pants) and stretchy shirt with room to grow. We got geared up and headed to see the movie "Fool's Gold." Have you seen it yet? Are you thinking of seeing it? Well, I must warn you that I think it should have been rated R. Within the first 5 minutes of the movie you see two girls flash the camera (I'm talking Mardi Gras flashing). There's lots of fighting and killing is not "How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days." It's too bad, really. It could have been a cute show, but the bare boobies tainted me for the remainder of them movie (what do guys think is so beautiful about those anyway?).

Kelli insisted (not really, she never insists on anything, just highly recommends) that we go the the Firehouse Pizzaria. The pizza we got is the closest to my favorite Boston Pizza yet. YUM! If you are ever in Logan, you have got to eat there.

We bid our adieus and returned them to their homes. By this point it was late and I was certain that my babies would all be in bed before I got home. I missed them terribly. We talked the whole way home, this time about the lesson that I am teaching on Sunday. It was marvelous. I love talking to Todd. That's why I fell in love with him in the first place. He is a great listener and has incredible feedback.

To my surprise Connor and Carly were still awake when we got home and I just cuddled and loved and squeezed and kissed those two cute kids. Apparently they were perfect little angels for Ken and Tonya and Connor and Abi had slept through the whole night in their own beds and Carly slept pretty good two. I'm glad they were angels for them, why aren't they always that way for me?

Okay, so that was the story of our first time going over night without our kids. Gotta gear up for May when Todd graduates. We're leaving Connor and Abi behind then!


Live everyday to its fullest said...

Well Well all it sounded like a pretty good trip other than the hotel situation and the boobie flash!!!! HAHA I am so glad that you two were able to get away and spend some quality 1 on 1 time! And isnt it so great to get home to those sweet think you wont miss them but you end up missing them terribly!

Heather said...

Why the heck do movies think they can start slipping in r-rated stuff, still rate the movie pg-13, and think no one will notice? It's frustrating me.

I'm glad you had a fun night/2 days away (and I know the feeling of missing the kiddos terribly.) I wouldn't pay $285 for a room ever, so good choice, although it did sound fun.

Thanks for the recap on Rach's wedding too, we were thinking of her.

Shay said...

What a great time with your husband...we all need to do that more often. It helps us be better moms, for sure! Thanks for the heads up on the movie. I hate wasting my time and money on movies that are worth it.