Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'm Busy

The computer has taken a backseat in my life. What once was a great way to kill time has now become a thing that I use only to check my bank account and email (which I have learned only contains spam).

We don't always have internet connection here at the house, so I only get online once-in-a-great-while. So that means I am not catching up on the friends and families blogs like I used to. So to those friends who I used to comment on, I am sorry. I just have enough time to read and run nowadays. I love you all and love catching up with you this way. And I am not updating mine regularly either.

The other major reason I am not online as much anymore is time. Where has it all gone?

I find myself watching two beautiful little kids four times a week in the morning, my niece once a week in the afternoon, working at the Gardner Village Quilt Shop 3 evenings a week and occasional Saturdays (who needs therapy when I can re-arrange and decorate a store at night...this has become such a blessed release in my life) and the new calling in Relief Society...oh yeah and I am still the mommy of three busy kids under three and the wife of a busy daddy.

So this post is really to apologize for not being able to post pictures or stories more regularly. My life is no longer boring, its busy. And I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I love being busy.


Emilee said...

I'm so glad you're busy! It's great to be busy, but we do miss hearing about your exciting life. I'm happy that you found kids to babysit & we all know that you're in your element working at Gardner Village- that's wonderful! Oh, and what is your new Relief Society calling? And where exactly is your new house? In the same ward/stake?

The Potter Pack said...

Hey ... I miss you ... I keep cking your blog to get updates ... but now I know why you have been away. Just thinking about you though - take care !!

Shay said... ARE busy! Good for you! Keep us updated...once in a while!