Friday, September 5, 2008

Dad's in Charge

Since I have started this new job, Todd has been the one to tend to each of the kids needs at night. He has done a very good job.

Carly is always asleep in bed (I HATE that, to be honest. I want to be the one to tuck her in and kiss her instead I stay awake, like tonight, and wait for her to wake up for that middle of the night bottle and cuddle her and kiss her. OOOH! She is just so squishy and cute). Abi is usually awake, but dressed for bed and waiting for me to get to do what I love most...squishing, kissing, cuddling and tucking in. Connor is never asleep...okay not NEVER. He was asleep once.

On Tuesday night I came home to Connor and Todd watching Batman Returns. Connor couldn't go to sleep on his own. Once he did fall asleep, he continued to wake up calling for me and explaining in his best three year old way that he was afraid of the batman monsters. DUH!

The following morning I gave Todd the recap to what had happened all night, as he had slept through it.

Tonight I came home from work to the same scene. After being greeted by Abi and Connor I witnessed the scene of Danny Devito killing some scary clown man. I looked at Todd and he said,:

"But Connor picked it out. He said he wanted to watch it."

To which I replied:
"Did Connor open the DVD player and put it in there?"

There was no answer, just puppy dog eyes. Connor is running around the family room pretending to be batman at this point. Boys...they are such a strange breed.

It takes me back to a time when I loved to watch scary movies, only to be afraid of aliens and ghosts and all of that stuff so much that I had to sleep with the covers tucked all around me so that nothing could grab me at night. I would never have to have had so much fear if I hadn't planted such freakish images into my mind.

I suppose Connor is attracted to these scary movies in the same strange way. Is it because fear is a new sensation to him and he can't decide if he really likes it or not? Why is it that once I became an adult, I stopped watching scary/intense movies all together. I have no desire to watch them anymore. When will Connor grow out of it?

I sit here in Connor's room waiting for him to fall asleep, once again, he is afraid.

Do you ever feel like you are having to raise your husband too? I suppose next week I will leave a list of movies that Connor CAN watch. Todd will love that list (he would end up with the nightmares...I know I do after seeing each one 20 times):
Baby Noah
Elmo Potty Time
Thomas the Train
Little People

Sounds like the little guy is finally out. I'm out too.


Emilee said...

Tell Todd that it COULD be worse- you could leave Cinderella, Barbie as Rapunzel, Barbie as Princess & the Pauper, or Strawberry Shortcake on the list. :)

Heather, Dan, and Family said...

Boy does that scenario sound familiar. I was up all night with Grace once after a "scary" movie she had watched with Dan. Dan, of course, slept through the whole thing. The only irony is that the movie Dan picked out for her was a Winnie the Pooh Halloween one. I have to say, I didn't blame him for thinking it was safe. Poor girl had nightmares for weeks though.
I, too, hate scary movies and refuse to watch them.