Friday, September 19, 2008


Have any of you used this website? I am addicted.

Anytime I have received one of those emails with a moving "true" letter or something to help you vote one way or another, or what to drink or not to drink I check it out.

Just today, while listening to Abi play with her magical princess wand she got for her birthday (today is her 2nd birthday, that post to come later) I checked out snopes to snub out another email I got and guess what I learned?

Mr. Ed was a ZEBRA!!!! How totally cool and random is that?

No, the email I got said nothing about Mr. Ed. But keep in mind, if you are going to pass on an email to me that you want me to pass on to someone else, Snope it out first, because I always do, and if it is false, I won't pass it on. Heck, I don't normally pass anything on.

On another totally random note, today while I was outside with the kids, someone drove by in a big truck and took a picture of my garage! I yelled, "What are you doing?" and he kept driving on. I am totally scared now, especially because my mom got a note on her garage door saying that 90% of the thefts that have taken place in a home were accessed through the garage. NERVOUS! That's what I am now. Thankfully anytime I come in the house, Connor deadbolts the garage door after I enter. He'll protect me and what few belongings we have (truly, what thief is going to want dirty diapers, dirty laundry and dirty dishes? I have no money).

Okay, so back to Snopes. Check it our for yourself, and I hope you have as much fun discovering untrue things about our interesting world as I do. (e.i. what Coke really does to a Penny, what is true about your favorite celebrity, the list goes on and on).

Oh, wait, one of my all-time favorites has got to be this TRUE car accident that happened in Hurricane Utah! Absolutely crazy!


Jen said...

We would like to move back at the end of the current school year, that way Riley can finish second grade here and we can get settled in a new home over the summer before school starts again. It just depends on the economy and how fast our house here sells. We still have a few unfinished projects to get done around the house before we can put it on the market. We bought it as a "handy mans dream" and I don't want to sell it that way! I would love to move back anywhere between Murray/Taylorsville area and Riverton without having to go too far west. Other wise we will look around Layton. Does SLC seem busy? I am so used to the slow pace of Logan that I think it would take a while to get use to it again. It is just weird to think that our next move will possibly be where we will spend the rest of our lives...I don't want to move our kids around much. Do you like where you live? Are there a lot of kids in the ward?

Jen said...

And I checked out this website, pretty crazy! Thanks for sharing!

Heather, Dan, and Family said...

Hey Mel. So I am in Utah, but I don't think I have your right number anymore. Give me a call or email or something and we can get together. I was thinking maybe the zoo sometime next week?

Kim said...

I love snopes too! I am not sure my family loves it as much as I do, because they always get the reply e-mail on all the untrue e-mails that go around.

Thanks for the congrats on the half. I never want to see a surprise in the mail. I actually had fun reading the dissertation.

It was fun reading your blog, it is nice to be able to catch up. We have the same circus going on every Sunday with our three kids. This is when you learn that EQP, relief society secretary, stake YM Pres and YW...we are just normal people trying to get our kids to act like normal people too. At least they are young, when they are 10 and acting like animals...that's when we know we have a problem.