Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Grant's Office

I finally got to the finishing touches on my brother's office Friday. Here is what his small 9x9 office turned out like:

Here's the list of where all the good stuff came from:

Framed Certificates were done at Twiggs & Moore in Gardner Village - I think they have the very best selection of framing materials and the guy who we work with has fantastic suggestions and a great eye for what he does. I can't wait to take Todd's diploma in to get it framed...we just got it in the mail the other day (the same guy also did Todd's marathon medal and stuff for Beacon Metals and the Riches home).

Desk & Chair were from RC Willey. Grant is the perfect client! He showed me for or five different desk styles he liked, I told him which one I like best. Then he does all the leg work in getting the best price and wah-lah, i's done! It's nice because I don't have the time to do all of that leg work right now.

Side Chair is from Furniture Warehouse

Side Table is from Black Goose - Kelly Winn is wonderful! I used to work with her at Norwalk.

Floral Arrangement Vase/base & Lamp are from Tai-Pan (I did the floral arrangement, but we got all the picks from Tai-Pan).

Mirrors, Canisters, Clock, Misc. Greenery are from Ti Decor, this fantastic little store on State Street near Burlington. Their selection is very similar to Tai-Pan, but they have more case goods. I absolutely love it. Many of you may have heard of Taiwan Imports...that is where they get their stuff from.


Live everyday to its fullest said...

Mel, You are so awesome and have such an eye! It looks beautiful! WAY TO GO, i am sure your brother loves it!

Jen said...

The office looks great! To answer you question, we live on Center Street by Merlin Olsen Park and Wilson Elementary. I didn't know you lived in Logan... until how old?

Jen said...

My oldest is in second grade at Wilson. We do love living in Logan and love the location...we can walk anywhere, and the Island Market is fun. But with Eric now working in SLC we are hoping to move back at the end of the school year. Where on the Island did you live?

Jen said...

Eric is on SLC Fire Department, his dream job, he loves it! His fire station is right in downtown. Even though they work 24 hour shifts, it is a lot in gas money. Front Runner has helped but we would still like to be closer to family and fun things like Hogle Zoo, Childrens Museum, Bee's & Jazz games, etc.

I do feel like Logan is a safe place to live, but in todays world you can't be too careful. I think I will worry about my kids safety no matter where we live. Yes the Island Market is still the place to be... they just remodled and after they reopened penny candy went up to 2 cents each and a 32 oz fountain drink is now 99 cents. I thought it was funny, I guess that's how they are paying for the upgrades in the store.

I go past you old house all the time when I go out for a jog. I will have to remember the exact address next time just for fun.

What area did you move back to? Do you like it? Eric and I are trying to decide if we should move right back to SL valley or if the Layton, Saracuse, or Kaysville area would work. The SL valley just seems so crowded all the time.

The Potter Pack said...

You are very talented ... good job ... Miss you guys !