Monday, November 10, 2008

For the K-Baird

I am sure you all must be familiar with the 6th folder and 6th picture one, right? Well here is mine:

A little background on the photo...It just so happened to be my 27th Birthday and Father's Day! We were up at a chalet in Brighton having a Riches Family gathering. This was taken at Silver Lake while we all took a nice Sunday walk around it. Connor is almost 18 months and I am 6 months along with Abigail.

So, now, as I understand it, I must tag 6 people and they are to go to their pictures folder on their computer, select the 6th folder and the 6th picture, than post it for all to see! Tag, you are it!
Reading Armadillo
Becca Olsen
Becky Windell (luv ya cuz)
Cortnie Potter

I am anxious to see what you girls come up with.


Beckie and Rob said...

I hope SO1 I'm with him for awhile!!

Kat Clark said...

That pic is the Mel I remember. Glowing, beautiful and preggers. I guess it was number three for you when I was around but still the same glow! :)

The Potter Pack said...

You look beautiful in this pic ... and the scenery is incredible too ! Hey ... I will be in UT visiting the family Nov 17-22 b/c Mike will be in FL for training ... so, let's get together again !! Love and miss ya!