Monday, January 26, 2009

Possibly the Cutest Kids Ever

Yesterday before church, I actually had a few spare minutes with the kids all dressed and looking decent. I wanted to grab a picture of this historic moment, so I had them line up on the hearth of the fireplace. The picture turned out too blurry, because getting them to sit still at the same time was impossible. I did, however, get a cute video. Enjoy!

To understand the "get angry" thing, maybe you should see this video (if you can see it...sorry). It is so hard not to laugh at Carly when she gets upset.

Her outbursts remind me of a scene from a romantic comedy. Can you guess which one?

Oh, yeah, and lately the older kids have decided that they don't need an afternoon nap at the time I suggest. Once it hits 3:00, if they haven't had a nap I forbid it and try different techniques to keep them awake. None of them are working. They are falling asleep doing the cutest things:

Eating Cheetos

Watching Playhouse Disney


Update on Carly's leg: She goes back in to Primary Children's on the 9th of February at which time I am almost certain they will remove the cast...she is trying to walk on that peg leg and has started sleeping through the night again.


The Reading Armadillo said...

You're right! They are the cutest kids. I love all their adorable outfits.

Brad and Rachael Huntsman said...

You do have cute kids!!! I miss you guys so much!

Angie said...

It crazy to me that Carly is literally bigger then Abi. I bet Carly finds life frustrating with that cast, cute girl.

Heather B said...

Those videos are sooo cute. YEAH for sleeping through the night (again.) What romantic comedy is it? Love ya.

Miranda said...

I love the videos! Love you too!

Janel Ogden said...

Good luck with the no nap rule! It is cute when kids literally fall asleep in the middle of what they're doing. I am glad Carly is doing okay with her cast. She seems to get around just fine with it! Thanks for a fun afternoon today! Let's do it again!

Meredith & Company said...

The falling asleep at the table is hilarious! That's the funniest stage. Sadly, Alex (who is 5 and in kindergarten) still has afternoons where I find him crashed in funny places in the middle of various activities. I can't say I blame them...I practically need a nap every afternoon too! Naps should be something mandatory for everyone--adults and kids!