Thursday, February 26, 2009

Connor's Bedroom

OKAY...the walls are NOT supposed to be red.  For some reason, the upload of this picture has made it all go crazy.  Please imagine BLUE instead of red.  He has tons of light coming into this room (one of the reasons I love this house) so I think it will be okay with all blue walls (especially because the door and closet is white).

I have been wanting to get going on the design/theme for Connor's room for some time now.  Today I wasted an hour drawing this up.  Here is the D.L. on the sketch-up:

The 3 white blocks represent his bedroom door, closet and window.  This is all four walls in his room flattened out, so the solar system spans the entire room.

My inspiration came from the walls in The Wide Stripes collection from the Land of Nod.  Each planet in the Solar System will be attached to one of the lathing strips that would be stained to match his bed.  So there will be 8 of these strips around the entirety of the room (I don't know if they show up on this picture).

Then I will have each of the planets spelled out in vinyl lettering next to the planet it matches.  Each planet will be printed to scale (or as close to the scale as I was able to get...I HAD to scale down Saturn and Jupiter to make them even fit on his wall) then adhered to black foam core.

His carpet is a medium shade of blue already.  The ceiling is white as of now, but I am toying with the idea of painting it an orangey-red to represent the sun...or do I paint it blue to mimic space (he already has those glow-in-the-dark stars on his ceiling).  What do you think?


SSBenjamins said...

I love it... Your such a creative one. How great is his room going to be.. I love the idea with the glow in the dark as well, i cannot wait to see the finished touch.

Janel Ogden said...

I like the idea of painting the ceiling and orangey-red color, but either way I'm sure it'll be great!!

Jen said...

So cute! He will love it! I would paint the ceiling dark, my sister-inlaw tried to do someting simular, and the ceiling looked very odd, she ended up re-painting the ceiling to match the dark on the walls and it looked a lot better. Or just do a portion of the ceiling to look like the sun.

Celeste Weekes said...

You are so creative! Come design my girls rooms for me! Nothing matches and I can't think of what to do!