Thursday, April 23, 2009

Long Learning Post

Todd and I have had a rough month. You know how they say bad things come in threes....we have had a few more than three. Now, none of these are detrimental to our relationship, or our physical health, but they have all been rather detrimental to our financial well being.

We learn by our mistakes. Isn't that right? I often get frustrated with Connor or Abi or Carly for that matter, when they don't listen to me when I have their best interest at heart. So, there are many-a-day, that I just hope they can hurry and get hurt, learn from their experience and never do it again. Sometimes, I can see them re-thinking a situation if it caused them pain once (touching mom's hot curling iron or turning on the hot faucet instead of the cold) and others they just keep on rolling like nothing had ever happened only to be struck by pain (or a siblings fist) again.

Carly continues to shut her fingers in the kitchen drawers on a regular basis. I have stopped telling her that she will get hurt. It does no use. I should tell the cute little thing to just stop walking all together, that way she will stop falling....but the tripping happens so often now, that she no longer cries and has gotten used to it.

Connor was running down a hill at Thanksgiving Point on Saturday and I told him not to, or he might risk falling. Sure enough he tumbled to the ground and the words he cried out weren't "I want my mommy" they were, "Not again."

Abi, well, she insists on going in the backyard with no shoes on and without fail, gets stuck in the "garden" with little stickers in her feet and asks each time for a "band" and a kiss to make it all better.

The horrible cycle continues. I am creeping up on 30 this year and Todd is well beyond me in years and we should know better by now. But we don't. I stub my toe on a daily Carly, but I have gotten so used to it, that my toes aren't as sensitive to the pain as they used to be (maybe the nerve endings are all dead). We keep putting our hands to our head like Connor and saying "Not again" after each dumb choice (or lack of choice). And like Abi, we have gotten ourselves stuck in a lose-lose situation with our Camry (that is BACK in the shop).

Where do I start? Do I need to start? Do you feel like you have enough of the story, or do I need to explain more? Do you really want to even know?


SamandJasonfamily said...

Isn't life wonderful! What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. You have such a beautiful family Mel. Love you!

Janel Ogden said...

You really have had a rough year so far. Don't worry we all make mistakes, sometimes repeatedly. You aren't the only ones.

Kat Clark said...

What the what? Did you accidentally get pregnant? Did you gamble your savings away? Are you ok? More please.

Heather B said...

Yes, more please. We are in a lose-lose situation with our Pontiac van and it frustrates the HECK out of me. Boohoo for you and me.