Friday, June 12, 2009

A Splash of Color

I have been scrimping and saving every penny I find. I even did a long survey by mail and got paid $30 for it. So with all that money I have been saving, I was able to purchase a few small items that have added a dose of color to my rather drab and monochromatic living room.

The curtains were a killer deal...the gimping was only $1 a yard and I was able to get almost 3 yards of the rust fabric for $6!!!! With the help of my mother's sewing machine, I whipped up these panels and valances in an afternoon. Of course, I am not in love with the tassels....the scale of them is way too small (they were $1 a piece) so now it is time to scrimp and save up for tassles of a larger scale. Thankfully my go-to-home fabric store always has great tassles at an incredible price.

The next splash of color was to those sad urns with grasses in them. Tai Pan had their tent sale and these flowers were tucked neatly into a basket calling out my name. I think they are just what those little urns needed. They gave the room another touch of sophistication wonderfully, I think.

What I am loving the most is that the rusty color is only dished out in small doses and doesn't overwhelm. And that those doses are spread out in the room in such a way as to keep your eye flowing from one spot of rust to the next.


Margie Vance said...

Girl... your living room is amazing! You've done such an awesome job putting it all together. I'm especially jealous that you have a grand (or is it a baby grand) piano sitting in your living room. Lucky girl!!! :)

Farmer Family said...

You're incredible. Love the colors. How you keep your house looking spotless with three kids running around I will never know!

wendy said...

So that is what you meant by big for my living room! It does look good. I need to get back to the decorating zone instead of the moving one. I would also love more Melo tips for my home.

Janel Ogden said...

Your curtains look great! I am curious though why I saw your couch in front of your window the other day. Moving furniture again?