Wednesday, June 10, 2009

To Wait...

...Or Not To Wait?

That is my question.

So, I have hesitated showing you any of the rooms that I have working on, because they aren't "complete." But, if I wait to show you a picture of the kids rooms until they are "complete," it may never happen.

Connor's bedroom has planets and an astronaut and some comets, but I still need to put up the great big sun on his ceiling, put the planets names next to them (even though Connor has already memorized each planet despite having their names by them) and touch-up the stripes on the wal. The glow-in-the dark stars will be put up once the sun is in place. His bed has been stained (LOVE IT) and he is happy to have Jimmy Neutron as his companion each night. It was his request to have a "Jimmy Neutron" room, and I gave in to his commercial request by letting him have a little picture of him on the wall by his bed (where conveniently his pillows cover up good ole Jimmy during the day). Here is a small taste of what has been going on in Connor's room:
These planets seem small, but only because they are to should see Jupiter and Saturn.

I am going to paint one of those "umbilical cord" things from the Astronaut to the Space Shuttle.

Connor with his bunk-mate, Jimmy


Janel Ogden said...

It's looking good Mel! Hopefully you can get that sun soon and finish it up! I bet Connor loves his room even if it isn't "complete".

Heather B said...

Not to wait! I like seeing progress. Can't wait to see Jupiter!

Danielle said...

I agree, lets see it as it comes together! so fabulous

Lindsay said...

Is that Benjamin Moore's Philipsburg Blue? I love the blue with the white contrast. What fun room and such a lucky little boy.