Monday, June 1, 2009

11 Years

This picture was taken by our favorite photographer, Connor. He is now available for your special portraits.
Todd and I celebrated our 11th Anniversary on Saturday!

I had schemed and planned a night without any children on Friday, and it all worked wonderfully!

My sister stayed home with the kids, while I met Todd at the Library for what he thought was just dinner and a movie. But he was sure surprised after asking me "what time we needed to be home" when I told him that Suzy wasn't expecting us until the next morning!

We spent the evening at the Gateway, where Todd spoiled me with some "un-mommy-like", I don't mean a negligee. I mean some cute shirts, pants, capri's, a skirt and some super sassy 4" heels. We bought a needy man dinner (he had been mugged the night before and had no money or i.d. or anything of the matter) and then watched a movie that neither of us really enjoyed. Todd is going to be getting a weed whacker from me. We are hopeless romantics.

A full nights sharing the bed with another child, waking up when I wanted to. It was lovely. Then we dined on crepes for breakfast before heading home to our beautiful little children and the super-star babysitter that is my sister.

What might you not know about Todd and I? Here's some interesting tid-bits:

-Although I spent some of my teen years tending Todd's youngest brother and sister, Todd and I never exchanged words...or glances for that matter.

-Todd did not believe me when I first told him I was aspiring to become an Interior Designer...he thought I was saying that just because he was studying to become an Architect and it meant we had something in common.

-While we were both attending SLCC, we took a ballroom dance class together. He got the highest A in the class...but did not take the final test dancing with me. As it turns out, I try to take the lead too often and it didn't fair well with him.

-When first married, most dates nights involved walking around Lowe's and pricing out the many projects we had planned for our first home.

-We had high hopes for a large family. They have since been dashed....thanks to a heavy dose of reality.

-Through the many experiences we have had, we no longer make "plans for the future." They never turn out the way you think they will. We have learned to live in the now, and that plan seems to be working quite well for us.


Heather B said...

WOW, 11 years is amazing! Connor takes great pictures too, that's funny. What a nice surprise when you told Todd, "Not til tomorrow morning." I bet he was thrilled. :)

Janel Ogden said...

I think its funny that Todd didn't take the final test in the ballroom dance class. I'm sure there's a story behind that one.

Shay said...

Congratulations! How nice to get away for a night...I'm so happy for you both.

Celeste Weekes said...

You two are so cute! Definitely made for each other! COngratulations!

Wendi and Eric said...

I loved the fun facts about you two. Happy Anniversary!

nichole Burbank said...

FUN STUFF! I must say that I'm a bit jealous of the sleeping in part...AND I completely agree with the "thoughts of a big family and a dash of reality" I had a good chuckle.

wendy said...

I also loved the "dose of reality"~! You know how I am such a realist. Congratulations on the big 11.

Danielle said...

ok well I want to see the new clothes! pics...

Heather, Dan, and Family said...

I can so relate to the dose of reality! Dan and I used to think we wanted 6 kids. That is soooo not going to happen now. Three is killing us!

Happy Anniversary!

Lindsay said...

Congratulations! 11 years! You two are an awesome couple. We hope our paths cross again.