Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Travelogue, earth date 06182009

The blisters covered with bandages, wearing ever so comfortable walking shoes, Todd and I headed out around 7:00 am to walk to the wharf where we had reserved two seats on a ferry that would take us over to Alcatraz.

We took a spot on the top of the boat (me crossing my fingers that whole time that Todd doesn't get sea-sick...no replays of our honeymoon necessary) and discovered that we were surrounded...by jellyfish. Not the little blue ones I am accustomed to in Hawaii (I had a close and personal encounter with one at Waimanalo) but these giant beauties:

Okay, so surrounded was a bit of an exaggeration, but we did see about 10-12 of those big guys. The ferry ride was short and sweet and we arrived at Alcatraz safely with a cool breeze blowing and blue skies.
Alcatraz was very interesting. Somewhat odd that thousands of people want to walk through there, but hey...it's history. I have never visited a prison before and wasn't sure what to expect, but the tour was cool and I was grateful that I have never tried to rob a bank or killed someone (and been caught). Accomodations like those aren't meant for someone like me...although there were moments that those cells reminded me of apartment #2 in Honolulu (someone else felt like a prisoner there and tried to eat his way through the bars). There was a man in the little Gift Shop that was a prisoner on the island the last four years it was open for robbing a bank. I can't believe he would want to come back and visit a place like that...but he was signing books, so if it's for money, it can't be that bad.

Lunch....my tummy was grumbling and I wanted nothing more than some super-duper-oohy-gooey nachos. Hey, I was on vacation, bring on the junk! Besides, with as much as walking we have been doing, my body needed this kind of energy. While dining on our oh-so-healthy lunch (Todd had a hot dog, FYI) I noticed this sign:
Heaven knows I have made mistakes like this....it's nice to see that other humans are truly humans and we aren't really about to be taken over by "surrogates" (if you have seen the super creepy preview, you'll know what I am talking about).

Then it was time for something sweet before we headed on another long walk....ice cream. Yum! While enjoying our ice cream on a little bench, a juggling entertainer took center stage and thrilled us all with death-defying acts of juggling balls and even swords...while standing on a teetering-tottering-rolling board that he needed Todd's help getting up on.
We stopped in at a huge candy store. You know the kind, with all the barrels full of sweets and they give you your own basket (the kinds you should put healthy apples in) to aid you in your reaping of their harvest. Oh, we reaped. We didn't look at prices and wound up with $40 in candy to take home to our kids. They loved the gross Gummy-Rat and snake, the candy lipgloss and pez dispensers...needless to say, we didn't buy them one more thing the whole trip. Thank heaven they are just kids and that is probably what they will remember the most about us returning home...the delicious candy. REPORT: Dentist appointments, they had no cavities. We are not THAT bad of parents.

The walk home was slow and uneventful and we tried to download a video to watch in the hotel room that night...but it took too long to download and we couldn't watch it until 2 days after we arrived home. Those crazy European hotels!

P.S. Thanks for staying tuned in. It has been a busy time what with potty training and laundry and those sorts of things.

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