Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Travelogue, earth date 06192009




You see, when I travel, I base the whole trip around food and the things that I don't normally get to enjoy when at home. Nothing suits me more in the morning than a Sausage Biscuit with Egg from the Golden Arches (ha ha ha...little did you know that we would be going to see the Golden Arches that afternoon....isn't the Golden Gate Bridge considered the Golden Arches?). Did you know that there is a McD's just across the street from the entrance to Golden Gate Park? I was so excited and planned a bus route to get us there.

Of course, the Golden Gate Garden is BEAUTIFUL. And HUGE (are you sick of the caps yet?). You could easily get
lost there.
The first place of interest that we hit up was the Academy of Sciences. Todd was loving this building, as it was an architects dream. He took too many pictures of the construction process that was posted on an obscure wall in the corner of the building. Oh, how I love him. He did get a few shots of the roof (pretty cool, and somewhat similar to the little town the Teletubbies live in).
Then it was to the deYoung Museum. There were some very neat exhibits in there, but the Architecture is what we spent our money on to see.
Here I sit, tired...in dire need of something healthy (SHOCK! I said healthy) to eat. This is not a sitting moment of quiet contemplation, it is a sitting of exhaustion.
And let's pray that the camera truly does add ten pounds.

We found a local guy who directed us to the bus that would take us to the Golden Gate Bridge. I had really wanted to ride a bike over the bridge. I am so grateful I didn't. I have a small fear of crowds and a big fear of heights. Those two would have caused me to somehow jump the tall rail and for sure end up in the cold water below (I have a fear of cold water too). Before walking out onto the bridge with the other masses, I paid $10 for a small (albeit healthy) salad and Todd got something that looked so unappetizing to me that I have forgotten it. Then began the windy walk, right next to speeding cars, out onto the bridge. It was massive and an obvious feat of incredible engineering (this coming from the girl that has just had to type engineering four times before spell check informed her that she finally got it right).
Exhausted, and so grateful that Todd brought me along for this much needed get-away. We then packed our bags so the following morning we could return home to the three beautiful children we missed so much.

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Janel Ogden said...

I'm sure your kids were thrilled to see you when you finally arrived home!