Friday, August 27, 2010

A Little Update

Here is a picture of our newest addition at a whopping 4 months of age. Believe it or not, he is the smallest of any of our little kids, the super-duper cuddliest and it looks like he will NOT have blue eyes. Maybe Todd's genes were stronger this time around.
Oh, how I love these two boys. Dakota loves to stand and be a part of all the action. He is quite the talker and gabs and goos most of his waking moments. We truly only hear him cry when he is hungry or been bothered by an older sibling.
This adorable little guy was up at 7am and dressed and packed for a "Bald Eagles" outing with his grandpa Riches and cousins. Too bad they weren't picking him up until 3pm. This is him at 9am. The excitement had already worn him out. When I checked his backpack, he had remembered to pack his pajamas and a toothbrush and toothpaste....and the cup to rinse with.
Litte Kota has only one flaw...he sleeps like a baby. He is wide awake from around 2am-5am every morning. Happy as can be, talking and talking. Not so awesome for the mom that is starting to wear down from the continuous nights of broken-apart sleep.
Finally, a picture of all four of our beauties together.
Connor starts kindergarten this fall and I am ecstatic! He was tested on Thursday and I must boast...out of the 52 site words, he got 45 right. He has such a thirst for learning. My most favorite thing from his mouth lately? "It's too late, we're gonna die" sung to the chorus of "It's too late to apologize."

Little miss Abi needs to be put in gymnastics and soon before she breaks her neck. Just today she did a headstand against the living room door and then pushed herself up into a hand-stand without any help. She is also trying to master her backbend. I had to tell her to stop or she would wear out her wrists.

Carly Belle is energetic and loves to sing...all the time. Girlfriend loves her Yo-Gabba-Gabba. So I looked into tickets (cuz they will be here around her birthday) ummmm, who knew a children's group could get so much for a ticket. We'll just keep checking the videos out from the library. Bring on the dancey-dances! She's got most of them down.

Todd is still super busy with work and I don't get to see a whole lot of him. He is working on a project at the University of Utah. He has two more licensing exams to take, so please send positive thoughts and deep prayers his way.

I am me and doing the same ol' things.


Heather B said...

Mel, I have missed you so!! So happy to have an update from you! I love that first picture of Dakota- the very first thought I had when I saw that picture was BABY TODD!!! Yay for some of Todd's genes getting through, haha!! He is so adorable, as are all your beautiful kids. That is incredible that Abi pushed from a headstand to a handstand. That is near impossible for everyone I can think of. So awesome! We watch a LOT of Ya Gabba Gabba at our house too. The one-eyed pickle guy grosses me out every time I see him. I can only think of ONE thing when I see it, and it involves genital warts. Sick. I hope I didn't just ruin that for you. ;)

Margaret Vance said...

Mel! I love the update! It sure made me miss you. Your kids are all so grown up and BEAUTIFUL...and I'm sure they are keeping you busy. Sending lots of aloha your way :).