Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What's New?

In the decorating realm:

With the addition of a new child, I had to figure out how to put four pictures on the entry wall. Nothing beats a little bit of 3 dimensional creativity (I used screws instead of nails to make the two pictures on top "pop" out and also act as supports for the bottom of the frames.

In the Abi realm:

The little miss had her 4th birthday. She received a very foofy skirt from her grammy and some sparkly silver slippers from her folks. Grandma & Grandpa gave her $4 that she is eagerly saving for Disneyland.

In the Connor realm:

This little bugger started Kindergarten! He is loving school and is picking up on everything so quickly. He begs to do his homework as soon as he gets home from school...how long do you think this will last?

In the Carly realm:

It was time to say good-bye to the last of the "curly belle" that lingered in Carly's hair.

We said hello to a peppy little bob that just fits her spunky personality much better.

In the Dakota realm:

He loves to hear his own voice, and he surely has one. He is incredibly strong and break out of the "houdini hold" that I attempt to swaddle him in each night to keep him from batting the binky out of his mouth.

At his 4 month appointment he was weighing in at 15 pounds (the others weighed in around 20 at this point). He has discovered that he has other appendages and that he has the capability to maneuver them.

In the Todd realm:
Two more licensing exams to go! We would truly appreciate your prayers so that we can cross this thing off of Todd's "list of things to do."

In the realm of Mel:
I got to take a quick little jaunty to Denver to help my sister-in-law with some decorating (she had her first little girl and needed a pink nursery to show for it...I guess a little baby girl isn't enough).
I have started working every once in a while catering for Leatherby's at weddings.
My sister, Suzy (a.k.a. Karen) is getting married in November, so I have been busy making books and cards and stuff for the wedding (you know how I love to do that kind of stuff).


Margaret Vance said...

Mel, I miss you! Your kids are SO, SO, SOOOOO GORGEOUS! I cannot believe how grown up Connor and Abby are. All the best with the licensing exams! Love you guys!

Heather B said...

I LOVE your 3D effects on the wall, such a cool idea! Carly's haircut is so super cute. Can't believe Connor is in kindergarten! Has it really been that long? Miss you guys.

becca olsen said...

Mel! You kids are so cute and oh so grown up! We have boy #2 on the way in January and time is flying by! Our prayers are with Todd! Good to hear how your family is doing. Miss you!!

Kat Clark said...

First, you're sweet. Thanks for the compliment.

Second, you're kids are darling. I must admit, I miss the curls but the bob is adorable too. And really, what could you do about it? Pretty sure perming a toddlers hair is frowned upon. ;)

Janel Ogden said...

I wish you could blog more often...I love reading it! Thanks for sharing!!!

Drena said...

hey. your kids are just adorable!