Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

What a fabulous holiday weekend we had!  Friday morning started out with a few very special visitors.

Miranda flew in from Honolulu to spend some time with her family, but (thank you Kunz family) I got to steal her away first for just a few short hours.  Then Rachael and baby Mason showed up from Idaho Falls to spread the love.  These amazing women are so special to me.  For that matter, the time Todd and I had in Hawaii was so special to me.  I was not prepared for the stretching and growth that would come during that time of my life, and these two were there for the a good portion of that journey.  They have been there to dry my tears, laugh with me and help me appreciate the beauty in my surroundings (I mean REALLY appreciate it, if you live near a beach, you should go to it...often).

 I am sure you have heard the quote before:

"Some people come into our lives and quickly go. 
Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts
and we are never the same."

After a super yummy Arctic Circle lunch they had to go on their own way, and so did we.  I had failed to tell Todd about our visitors (I wanted it to be a surprise) and we weren't ready to head out of town on our little families adventure until 4.  Todd came home from work early so we could leave at 1, but we both agreed that it was well worth the delay.

The kids were very excited to get to drive in the truck for this trip.
Hey?  What's wrong with a mini-van?  Even kids at this age have a thing against them!  We had heard that there were going to be delays up to 2 hours on I-15, so we took a road less traveled and followed the back side of Utah Lake.  Sooooo peaceful and beautiful along that stretch of road.  I have never taken it before and the kids loved seeing all of the animals.
 We played the "I Spy" game and there is nothing to get you laughing quite like a round with a 3 year old who doesn't quite get the rules.  Carly would say something like this, "I Spy with my little eye something that is blue and white and it's the sky."
 When the animals faded from sight all we were left to guess were weeds and water.  So on to the family songs to sing.  Suffocation, Old MacDonald, The Final Countdown.  You know, the norm.
 I must admit, I enjoyed riding in truck-o too. Baby Boone got to sit right in between Todd and I for the whole ride and we would just kiss him and squish his cheeks and listen to him talk and laugh.  That is the way to travel.  Kids close by and happy.
 The following morning the kids were thrilled to discover that Bruiser was out and they quickly got dressed so they could play with this dog-horse.
 I have never been around such a gentle giant.  I would imagine that if we were to get a dog, a Great Dane would be my personal choice.
 We spent the weekend doing yardwork, riding the 4 wheeler, golfing (Yes, I golf.  Not well.  But I do love it), swimming and visiting the graves of the White side of Todd's family.
 Grandma White got to cuddle with Dakota for a while.
 Here we are in front of Grandma White's Farm House.  This has always been one of Todd's favorite places to vacation.  Upon arrival you can physically feel all of the stresses of life slip off of your shoulders and there is something in that air that makes you breath better and feel happier about life.
This is how Carly slept on the drive home.  How do kids do it??????


Karen said...

Love all of the great pictures! We took the same route as you did down south and loved every second of it! It's a road I wouldn't mind taking more often.

Emilee said...

LOVING your new hair do. The color and the bangs... look great!

Heather B said...

I also love you as a brunette! Love you blond too though! So, is Carly really as tall (taller?) than Abi? And guess what. We will be in Provo/Orem for 2 days for the 4th of July. We missed you last time and I don't want to miss you again! I am picking up Samuel from the SLC airport on Sunday July 3rd around 9 or 10. Maybe we could stop and see you on the way back or something- when is your church? Email me!!!

The Carters said...

Mel, you look so great in these pictures! The hair looks awesome on you!