Monday, June 27, 2011

So, I Was Wrong

I was visiting with a friend of mine this afternoon about all the plans I have while Todd is away for Youth Conference and she asked me if I find it hard to get along when Todd is gone, to which I quickly replied, "No!  It's great."

Here it is, 1am, and I can't sleep.  My children are all sleeping soundly and have been for a few hours, but I just can't sleep.  It could possibly be one of two things.  1) I feel safer when Todd is around or 2) I drank well over 60 ounces of Diet Soda today and the caffeine has yet to wear off.

Anyway!  I took in so much caffeine willingly, thinking that I would be up all night painting, but by 10pm my final coat was on and I was free to sleep.  But I can't.

There are maybe one or two occasions annually when Todd is away from home for more than 10 hours, so of course I think I can get along well without him.  I never have to!  Albeit, if he is actually at home on a Sunday morning, it does throw a major kink in the cogs of my weekly rush to get 4 kids and myself dressed and out the door in less than 2 hours.

However, tonight, I set aside our regular routine of having the kids in jammies, teeth brushed and prayers said by 8:00pm.  The kids didn't seem mind the break from their normal regime, only tomorrow will tell what their moods will be like.

Do you remember, as a kid, going to sleepovers or being allowed to stay up late and the following day your parents would swear that a different child had possessed the body now dragging their feet around the house.  I think both the kids and I will be like that tomorrow.

Todd aids in providing our home with structure and consistency.  I love change (hence the reason I painted a room tonight and another one last week) and have a hard time remaining consistent at anything.

I tried to quit drinking soda.  I went 4 days.

It's only been 15 hours since Todd has been gone and I am ready for him to return.  Someone needs to be an adult in this household, and it obviously isn't me!

On that note, here are a few pictures of the kids during one of our play-dates last week.  Consider it your reward for reading this!

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