Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Some Pics

It's time to update the gallery wall in my living room.  I'd love to get some shots of our whole family, but realistically, finding a time that fits with Todd's schedule, someone to shoot the pics and the kids moods is incredibly challenging.

So on a beautiful Saturday morning, that I had no plans, I got the kids all dolled up and took them to Murray Park and did the best with what little (a.k.a. NO) knowledge of camera taking I could (did that make sense).  Anyway, here are a few shots from our day in the park.  Connor is 6, Abigail is 4, Carly is 3 and Dakota is 16 months.

Still not sure if any of these are worthy of the living room though.  You know, there's got to be a flow of some kind....maybe goofiness or boredom or unhappiness will have to be the flow.

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The Carters said...

Mel, these pictures are so cute!! I miss those kids so much! I can't wait to see them next weekend!