Monday, September 5, 2011

Girl Talk

Today I spent a good portion of the day running errands in the car with the girls.  You see, they start dance lessons tomorrow and I had to drive around town gathering all of the things they need just to participate in it.  I had no idea that leotards, tap shoes, ballet slippers, and tights would end up costing more than three months tuition for the two of them!

Here is a sampling of one of the discussions we had in the car:

Mom:  The teacher might ask if you are twins (we get that a lot, as I am sure many of you with children super close in age do).  What will you tell her?

Abi:  No

Mom:  If they ask who is older, what will you say?

Abi:  I am

Mom:  (trying to be sneaky and teasing) And what if they ask who is nicer?

Abi:  Carly is

Mom:  Laughter

Carly:  What?  I am nicer!

Abi:  She is.  I am only nice to Charlotte and Hailey and Kinzlee.  But Carly is nice to Jayden and Reagan and Kinzlee, and Sarah and Charlotte and you.

At this point I pause to reflect on the book/movie "The Help" and think to myself "I should probably say something each morning to Abi when I look her in the eyes like 'you are nice, you are kind, you are important.'"  It's moments like those that make me think that I am failing as a mother.

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Celeste Weekes said...

Oh my goodness, your kids are so cute! I love it!