Sunday, October 16, 2011

Adam's Office

My brother-in-law recently moved into a different office and his space needed some sprucing up.  Considering that he spends more time in his office than in his own bed at home, it needed to be a place he wouldn't mind working in.

As you can see, he was given the standard office furniture.  This is what my base was to start working with.  He works for a mining company and has traveled the globe plenty (mission, travels with his wifey, work) and has collected a lot of cool trinkets.  I used those items and information as my inspiration point and gathered from there.

Speaking of gathering, I only had 2 days to gather things for the office and install it all.  His office is in Denver.  I don't live in Denver.  But I was able to go out for a few days of therapy and throw this together.  It's difficult doing rooms this way, because there are always items forgotten (a plant for the corner, books for the bookshelf) and I don't have enough time to get the last few items and then I never really get to see the room completed!

It was hilarious when I was placing his items on the bookshelf, because every single item had a story and he kindly took the time to share it with me.  He likes his stuff to have a history, so when I purchased a statue of an elephant and it didn't have a unique or personal story behind it, he warned me that he might have to return it.  If he does, that's fine. I am sure he will pick up something awesome on his next adventure around the globe and he will have a spot on the bookshelf to put it.  I didn't take an after picture of the bookshelf because it is lacking BOOKS!  Hopefully he will pick up a few of those on his journeys too.

As you can see, I rearranged the furniture a bit.  I moved the bookshelf to sit at an angle near the window, it softens the hard edges of a small office like that.  Then placed a soft and comfy chair in the corner where the bookshelf used to sit, because people are no doubt going to come into his office and want to hear all about his Peruvian Calendar Gourd.

Adam had his ever so important diplomas framed.  Might I take a moment and remind everyone that if you are going to spend the money on an education, spend a little bit more to have your diplomas framed RIGHT!  Please don't go into Wal-Mart, purchase a frame that says "Document Frame" and call it good. You worked hard for that piece of paper, display it proudly and give it the attention it (and you) deserve! Yes, it will cost you at a minimum $100, but it is so much more impressive, especially if you are in the business of impressing people.  You mats should be a minimum of 2".

I chose this lamp because it fit in with the collected feel of the office.  I will make up a story about this lamp for Adam: While exploring area 52 in New Mexico, I found this in a dusty and spiderweb filled prospectors office near a gold mine.  A wrinkly old leathery man was sitting outside.  I asked if I could have the lamp and he told me that the faded spots were from the time the mine collapsed and all of the rocks and residue came billowing out and reached as far as the office.

There, maybe he will feel better about having something purchased in his office.

Adam was hung up on having an orchid in his office and Ikea (yeah, Ikea) had some gorgeous ones! I never knew Ikea sold plants.

If you are interested in any of the other items in his office, you can see where I gathered them all from HERE.

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Sarah said...

This looks so tranquil and professional. I love it!