Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thank You, Pinterest

My Sister-In-Law recently gave birth to her first son.

They named him Spike.

Okay, we call him Spike, but he was really named after his dad and grandpa (no, their name isn't Spike).  But Spike is so incredibly fitting as he came out early and weighed well over 9 pounds!

Anyway, mommy-to-be was in need of some baby items of a more blue nature, so we (my mom, sister and I) decided to throw her a baby shower.  Baby Boy's name was our inspiration for the theme of the shower: Dinosaurs!!!!  Cuz some of them had spikes, ya know?

Thanks to Pinterest we were able to put together a "board" and gather ideas from all sorts of creative people out there!  Of course, our budget wasn't nearly as lavish as some of those that I have seen.  Nonetheless, I wanted to share with you some of the cute things we came up with.

 Those little blue dino tags actually lifted to reveal a pregnancy term that could be associated with each candybar.  For example;
Stomach after delivery: Jelly Belly
Daddy at Conception: Big Hunk
11 Pound Baby: Whopper
Epidural: Life Saver
Medical Bills: 100 Grand

If you are throwing a dinosaur party and aren't already saavy (as if I am) with digital scrapbooking, let me know and I can email you the files for the signs, invites and treat bag tags that I made.  Or else you can go here and buy the ones I borrowed the idea from.

 For the Herbivores we had a delicious Fruit Salad and Veggies each served in their own little fish bowl

 For the Sweetivores we had rocks from the stone age and little cupcakes topped with candy dinos that my sister made...yeah, she made those cute little creatures (using a mold, of course)!

 You'd think they were too cute to eat, but after eating one, you'd be able to justify that history must repeat itself and these guys were bound to become extinct too.

And of course, the Carnivores.  I was in charge of something simple that I couldn't mess up: Lil' Smokies in BBQ Sauce.  The culinary master, my sister, made those divine looking bacon wrapped chicken bites.

P.S.  Sometimes I think that those other parties are very similar to ours, but that the right camera and person behind it can make the whole event look ...I don't want to use the word "better" because our party was awesome...but they make it look, enticinger (I'll check my Scrabble word list to see if that's a word I can use).

I'm our photographer and I have some little silver digital that is "dated" in technical terms...like 5 years old.

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