Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Month of Thanks - Day #1

I am thankful for the snow that fell today.

Having lived in Hawaii for almost 7 years, I became accustomed to the mild climate.  There were a few times we lived there and wished for the smell of Autumn, the crunch of dry leaves underfoot or snow on Christmas day, but for the most part, I LOVE the weather there.

Since our return to the mainland, once the temperature hits 54 degrees, I have to sleep with socks on and if the temperature drops below 30 degrees, it takes me a few days to thaw out and get rid of the constant chill.  I am also a very defensive driver, and wet weather is not good for my nerves (or the other people driving by me).  Hence, I only love the snow on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but today was different.

I saw it through my amazing Baby Boone's eyes.  After putting his warm winter coat on, we went outside and I let him feel the white stuff on his face.  He got so overwhelmingly excited that I was afraid he would wriggle right out of my arms.  He was waving his hands in the air and shaking his head and jibber-jabbering as if to say thank you to the snow for providing a new form of entertainment for him.  It was precious!

Am I the only one that sleeps better when it snows or rains?  Last night I slept like a log.  That's another reason I was grateful for the icy precipitation.


moiety said...

Nope, not the only one (that sleeps better while it's snowing or raining). Nor, for that matter, the only one who acclimated to the climate of the Sandwich Islands and lost a previously unquestioned appreciation for snow and cold weather. :P

Hey, I hear you know Jen Kajma? :)

Sarah said...

For years, I hated the snow (I was a commuter at the time...and there's nothing like driving 1 1/2-2 hours a day to make you hate the elements).

But now that I have kids, I love it. There is nothing like pulling out an umbrella and splashing in puddles, or crunching in newly fallen leaves, or eating freshly fallen snow and chucking a snowball at someone else. I'm grateful to my kids for bringing back that love of snow to me. Oh, and don't forget snow ice cream! Yum!