Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Carly was being spotlighted today in her preschool class to celebrate her birthday. Tomorrow this firework for a child turns 4!  So what better treat to share with her preschool friends than something that explains her sparkling personality?

We counted out some Starburst to put in little bags for her classmates (she counts very well) and then tied them with some ribbon and attached a little tag that says, "Today it's my burstday!"

I made a few more other cute tags for the girls' Halloween Preschool treats, but failed to take a picture of the completed projects.

For Abi's class, we turned Tootsie Pops into spiders, using black pipe cleaners and attaching googley eyes.  There were the cutest eyes in this cheap pack I got from Wal-Mart that had eyelashes on them!  Then we placed the little spiders in their new home (a clear pillow box leftover from my sisters wedding favors) and wrapped this around them:

For Carly's class, I found this cute idea on Pinterest where you attach eyes to the tops of Reese's Miniature Cups and wah-lah, you have Monster Eyes!  We just attached some of the googley eyes we had leftover from Abi's to round stickers and then attached those to the Reese's.  Put some in a little baggy and folded a little card to the top that looked like this:

I was so in love with the stickers attached to the googley eyes that I started sticking them on the kids Halloween projects on the fridge. I am saving them post-season and going to attach them to magnets for the fridge.  Now every project the kids bring home from school will have silly eyes on them!


Emilee said...

The "Burstday" treats just might be the cutest things I've ever seen! I just may have to use that sometime!

kodyandsabrina said...

I Loved this idea, I thought how cute are these! Your blog is so cute and you have given me the best idea on the furniture, now I feel like I can start it! thank you so much!

Sarah said...

Such cute ideas! Thanks for sharing!