Monday, November 14, 2011

Month of Thanks - Day #14

What a rare treat it was tonight! Connor reminded us that we needed to have Family Home Evening.  He took care of the lesson, Carly led the song (I am a Child of God) and Abi offered the prayers.

Incredibly, the feeling in our home was quite calm and peaceful.  Despite the fact that about 3 minutes into the lesson (Connor was reading one of the Bearnstein Bears books) we were all quite bored.  Todd and I were entertained by the girls who were rolling around on the ground and Dakota who was just being his silly little toddler self.

I am so grateful that my children are still young enough to enjoy family home evening and even instigate it.  How much longer will this last?

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Sarah said...

That's really sweet. I was never a Bearnstein Bears fan myself. :) Maybe that's where the boredom came from. I have fond memories of many past family home evenings: spiritual, entertaining, fun, funny, competitive (when we played games), and yes, even boring. I guess that's what FHE is all about!