Saturday, November 5, 2011

Month of Thanks - Day #5

I am thankful for my dad.  He has many hats, you know?  Let's review them shall we, and why each one needs to be given a moment of thanks:

Bud:  He is what some might call a "pack-rat."  He has held on to quite a bit of electrical/computer stuff (he still has an original macbook and some apple computers I don't recall the name of and I am sure he is rolling over right now in agony that I can't remember the names of each of them).  However, there have been many-a-time that Todd or I (or any other sibling) has needed a cord or connecter or scanner and wouldn't you know it, he has one just lying around somewhere.

The man is also a whiz at the computer and my personal favorite, photoshop.  He has taught me all I know and continues to teach me every time I go over.  And every time I go over it is for a personal project that I have to enlist his time and printing capabilities in.  His poor business makes very little money, probably because of me.  He never complains and always helps me out (I just printed 6 large photos today, like 16x20" photos and they always turn out awesome).

Dad:  The man made sure that as a young woman I learned integrity.  Showed me how to change a tire and check my oil.  Made me hold a worm.  Never let me get away with back-talking my mom.  Taught me to mow the lawn without leaving behind "mow-hawks."  Had us laughing...a lot (or rolling our eyes).  One of the most important has been the love he has for my mom.  He LOVES her (actions speak louder than words) and he so often tells me how gorgeous she is.  After Thirty-some-odd years and he still talks about my mom as though they are still young kids in love. Awwwe.

Papa Bud:  This, perhaps, is my very most favorite role he plays.  My children adore their papa Bud.  For most of them, it was among their first words spoken.  I admit that I take advantage of this role the most.  If ever I want something (like a coach for Connor's soccer team), I can always play it off on something that "the kids want" and he will drop whatever it is and be there for them.  It's not just my kids, though, he is that way with all of his grandchildren and also the nursery kids at his church.  That's right, he is in the nursery and the man LOVES it.

So very grateful for my dad.


wendy said...

I love your papa Bud too! He is so great with kids. He really is such a sweet man. I am often surprised by how deep he can be, as he is always full of laughter.

Sarah said...

That is a very sweet tribute to your Dad.

I hate worms! Maybe if someone forced me to hold one back in the day, I wouldn't feel that way about them now...but I do...and no one's going to make me hold a worm now! Shiver!