Friday, December 9, 2011

National Geographic...In our own neighborhood!

We were at our friends, the Buchert's for an annual Christmas Caroling party and as we turned onto our street from 1250 west, something flew right by the side of Todd's window and perched onto a limb in our neighbors, the Jensen's tree.  It was a HUGE barn owl.

We parked the car in the middle of the street and just sat there staring at it.  I have never seen an owl that big up close in the wild in my life!  We were all enthralled.  What spooked us the most was the owl, just staring us down.  Todd rolled the window down and we got frightened that it might dive into the car and attack us.

After a few more minutes of gawking, we rolled slowly on home.  Slowly enough that we were able to watch through the back window as the owl swooped down out of the tree and tried to attack a little cat that was walking across the street.  The cat ran, and hopefully wasn't harmed.  But it was the coolest thing our little family had seen all winter long!

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Sarah said...

That is so awesome! And I swear I had commented on this...but maybe I only commented on your Facebook post about this. I'm glad you guys all got to see it! We were driving past the Shopko in Sugar House and there's a clock tower. We drove by it and discovered a TON of birds nesting there...including an owl. We were so surprised and Peter was so excited to see the owl.