Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Gift of Bead Board

This year for Christmas Todd and I gave my mom (and dad...although this was probably not his gift of choice) the gift of our time and talents in installing and painting/glazing some bead board paneling in her dining area.

It took Todd one day to install the new 8"base boards, cut out the little holes for light switches and outlets, and then place the top molding pieces on.  Then it took me a day to paint it and another day to glaze it.  This is how the dining area turned out:

Later on my mom painted the top portion this gorgeous red and has since installed some simple tone on tone ivory ticking stripe valances and a huge clock on one wall, but I don't have a picture to show you the whole room finished.  Sorry, that's just how I roll lately.

It was such a fun project, and Todd and I got along the whole time!  For anybody who has worked on a project like this with a spouse and NEVER had a minor spat, lucky you.  My handsome handy-man is a perfectionist and I am a little less, so it can kind of bug him.  But it works to the outcomes advantage because it ends up looking pretty dang good.


Weekes Family said...

I looooove it! You guys are so talented! A perfect match in every way!

Sarah said...

This looks awesome! What a great gift to give to your mom. :)